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Friday, 9 November 2012

Caught in the Spider's Web...SouLodge

We have been walking in the West
with Spider
She, a reflection of the webs 
we tangle ourselves into
She, offering the release from such webs
and helping us produce
a new skin

As spider cocooned me I felt safe...
ironically in the surface life
I became sick
the sickness came hard 
and depleted my energy
like the cocoon
at first I felt fine about slowing down
but soon
I found myself struggling with it

All the webs I tangle myself in
began to come to the surface
the difficulty to slow down
the fear of not running
the lack of self care
the unrealistic expectations I put upon myself...
as days turned into weeks
the struggle increased

no longer did I want to be cocooned
no longer did I want to be sick
but the more I struggled with it all
the longer it lingered
what I needed to do was sit in it
but it took me some time to come to that

the surface things I was struggling with
were reflections the deeper things
I have been walking with this session in SouLodge
the webs I have woven for myself...
and the moment I released to that truth
the moment I stopped fighting the cocoon
the moment I released myself to what I was
facing deep within me
was the moment I felt the sickness leaving my body
suddenly the cocoon was again 
the gentle place of transformation
it was meant to be

going to these spiritual places can be a challenge
and can even manifest itself in our physical self
healing can come when we face truth
when we go to those places that make us feel uncomfortable
I feel a rebirth happening within
a restoring
a releasing
and so I continue to rest in it all
letting go of the webs I think are my reality
believing there is more going on than I can see
knowing that I am being held in Abundant Love
knowing I am a part of a bigger purpose
knowing I am exactly where I need to be...

What are the webs you weave for yourself
my lovelies?
And are you able to be still in the Cocoons
that are lovingly made for you?

Love and Light

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  1. Hmmm I loved this. My webs were my own thought and believing I needed to not set clear boundaries with some people I love but was time for a new season. I feel much better doing that now and way better having a private place of safety. What I needed just took a push to re assess:)

  2. I'm going to have to think about this one and come back when I've figured that one out. I think I have so many webs I can't even pull apart the threads enough to know. I will be back after I've thought about it. this was beautiful xo

  3. Cat, this is the perfect post for me today. I LOVE this - the idea that we can find our way out of the webs we have woven and find ourselves tangled up in is, a comforting thought...It brings a fresh renewal of HOPE. Sometimes we just need another to speak to our spirit, telling us that we can find our way through the maze and that there is a way out. I am one of the worst at getting caught in a web that is not fully woven and should not even be a struggle. It's way too easy for me to make something that should not be a struggle into a massive struggle, and by the time I get done with all my analysis, it is a struggle. I love your wisdom and insight, it really is reaching me in the deep places that I keep hidden and locked away from the world and myself. Thank you for taking so much time to reveal these truths. You're a beautiful woman!

    Have an awesome weekend, beautiful lady.


  4. Yes, sitting with it is the hardest thing to do. Being right there with it heals us. I have been struggling with the sitting for all of my life. These past two months have been the hardest, because everything was telling me to wait. And now that I have waited, I don't want to begin again, but I have to. Looking and picking apart the web was comforting, as all of those strands were familiar. Now, as I am stepping out it is new, exciting, but scary. And like you knowing that there is love around and that is for the highest good. Thank you for stopping by, love your blog. Aho Sister!! Light and love to you. Mandy

  5. Nice analogy Cat, yesterday I started to knit a loopy bonnet for our new grand-baby, although I was a keen knitter years ago I couldn't master this pattern, I got in a stew over it for an hour or so, eventually undoing it! I went away, left the struggle, and as I stood with a quiet mind the resolution appeared, much the same as struggling with anything in life!

    Hugs to you. x

  6. I feel that since a very long time, I have been weaving a web of "my false self" a web of "Self Created False Sense of Self "...and as each day pass by, I try to remove those false layers of that false sense of self, one after the other until I reach my core-My true core, the real me.
    I wrote a poem once { will publish in my blog soon }, it went like this : "No would be ,no should be, only the real me.."

    I think that sometimes, we see ourselves through the eyes of others and sometimes, through our own eyes, but fail to realize that both the eyes might be we need a third eye-detached,loving and non-judgemental view of ourselves.

    wishing you a lovely day !

  7. hmmmm...I've done some thinking.. fear is the web for me. fear of so many things and recently, as in 48 hours ago, I decided to look into the fears that kept me stuck in the web, having found myself more and more tangled. looking at those fears, delving deep into them, laughing at some of them, loosened the hold they had on me and I feel freer than I think I ever have. THAT is a very good feeling. xoxo

  8. Oh the tangled webs we weave! The sticky situations and the struggle to be free! It can be so suffocating but we have to take some long deep breaths, let the quiet, gentle thoughts in. Be patient in our cocoons and when the time is right, we can let go. Or in other words, don't push the river, it flows by itself. My favorite quote but I forget who said it!
    Peaceful easy weekend to you, lady. xx


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