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Monday, 28 November 2011

Monday Offerings...

Still marinating
Still enveloped
Still lingering in the Silence...

What is my offering today?
What do I have to give?
So much
So little
that is so vast...
What is my offering today?

As I went for my morning run with my very excited puppy prince I breathed in the beauty of the morning that surrounded me. We were running on the dykes, he and I, the sun bright in the morning sky, the frost still clinging to anything it could, and the morning fog not yet burned away.
It was here, I was pondering what to offer today, to you , my mind full of beauty, peace and love...and as I looked out to the beauty around me, in hopes of an answer, my eyes fell upon the blueberry field and the dense fog that lingered above it. The fog was thick and full, as if all the morning fog had come together forming a barricade with hopes that the morning sun would not muster up enough strength to penetrate it's fortress allowing it to linger throughout the day until evening at which time it would once again disperse and swallow up the whole of the land.
I thought about how one would feel if they were in amongst the blueberry bushes under that fog. In the fogs destiny one would not be able to see what lay beyond. They would not be able to see the blue of the sky, the light powder puffs of clouds gently floating in the wind, or the bright cool yellow sun that was rising steadily above the mountains. They would feel the cold from the damp earth and not the warmth from the sun. Their vision would be limited and not be sure of where they were. The sunlight would be blocked, leaving whomever was there, caught in the dimness of grey. In this cold, grey, limited view state one might get confused, lost or discouraged...with out knowing that the whole time, just beyond the fog, there was light, warmth and Hope.
I saw this visual as life...
May times we find ourselves in the fog. Sometimes we have walked into it by our own will and sometimes it has just come upon us with out us seeing it coming. These times of life can make us feel lost, isolated, alone and without Light. But with a shift of view, a shift of perspective we can see the fog has does not last forever and sometimes all we need to do is set up camp where we are at...start a fire, gather some food and sit in stillness until the fog, eventually, moves on.

Where ever you find yourself...know that there is always Hope...and if you know that Hope, please offer it to others. Because if one offers Hope...we all receive Hope.

This past weekend I had beautiful encounters with angels surrounding me, protecting me, caring for me so my music offering is according to those experiences. I hope you can take the time to sit and listen, breathing in the Love and Light, that is yours to have.

Love and Light

(images take during my silent retreat)

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Out of the Silence...

A portrait of me
immersed in my Silence...
unrelenting Silence
where I hear my secret thoughts 
and those of Whom created me

Many things to share
and even more 
to hold on too
deep within me
valuable perhaps
only to me.
For myself...
I pass into my season
of nakedness and vulnerability
Exposed to the moon
I reflect her pure Light
I have come Home
to my Woods
And I will remain here
Until Spring and New Life appear

Love and Light

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Freedom found in Silence...

by Zenos Frudakis
(found on 16th and Vine in Philadelphia)
photographer unknown

This evening I leave my home to enter into 60 hours of silence.
This is something I have never done before,
inside I tremble with anticipation.
I have seen the opening of others who have done such things, and I am ready for this next step in my journey...another step towards Freedom.

This photo was sent to me by a dear friend
It speaks to me so clearly my heart pulls out of my chest when I look at it
The Evolution of ourselves
Moving towards the Light
Towards Divinity
Towards Truth
Is there anything better?

This morning while visiting you all, I came upon a beautiful post, by Manda, about Truth found here
I hope you take the time to read spoke volumes to me this morning...

Love and Light to you all
may you all find your Freedom...

Monday, 21 November 2011

in the still of the night

on the dark roads
through the farm lands
we drove
and my two boys
we were driving home after doing our bi-weekly, bulk goods,
grocery shop at the big box store on the other side of town
first it was the fact that they both came
for their own reasons
no doubt
hoping for 
and extra treat
wanting to see the Christmas fare
already put out
maybe a special stop
at a special shop
something special
whatever the reason was
I was not alone when I went to purchase
what our cupboards lacked
and as we drove
down the dark farm road
I savored the moment 
I was in
my man-child driving us homeward
my little man sitting in the back chatting
the radio on
in the back ground
and I said
to myself
"drink in this moment
BE in it
marinate as long as you can
for THIS is goodness."
and then it happened
my man child
my almost eighteen year old boy
reached across the seat
 for my hand
in the dark
in the privacy of our moment
as mother and sons
my eldest boy took my hand
and held it
and as the wave of gratitude 
washed over me
and the tears
rolled down my cheek
I said to myself
"how did I become This Woman?
did She become Me?"
it seems
not too long ago
the great sadness
hung over my life like wet wool
there was more dusk 
then dawn
a darkness followed me
in my peripheral vision 
causing me to be unsure
never fully open
never full trusting
never fully sure
and yet
here I sat
fully open
fully trusting
fully for sure
content in the moment
breathing it in
like the life line is was
that all is well
with my soul
in the still of the night
a mother and son
shared a special moment
or two
the kind that feels like coming home
and makes you

Love and Light

Joining Sadee and The Storytellers here

Music Monday Offering...

Good morning lovelies...

are you crazy enough???

Love and Light

Saturday, 19 November 2011



after being out in the trenches...

dodging bullets...

all a Freedom Warrior needs...

is an intriguing story, a nice cup of tea, and a sunset...

to remind her of what it is she is fighting for...
to all you who are fighting the Good Fight, I raise my mug to you, my brave and courageous sisters.

Love and Light my Lovelies

Friday, 18 November 2011


Come walk with me
into the enchanted lands of the Forest Dwellers
The Ones we hear so much about
but are afraid to believe in...

They Leave us gifts of their existence
fairy wings
toad stools
and blanket moss

They are Guardians to others
Watchers for danger
warning all of darkness ahead
then coming along to Light the way

They are as curious of us 
as we are of them
wanting to know
what makes us...Us

Some are mischievous
up to tricks 
knowing our Fragile Disposition
they laugh at our expense

While others watch with wonder
us human-beans
frantically running thru our lives
They wonder what the rush is

For the Forest Dwellers
time is not of importance
they wait for nothing and
long for even Less

A mat always lays in welcome
their doors are never locked
they always have time for others
it is their Nature to be this way

And as night falls in this Enchanted Land
songs of Love are lifted to the moon
and thanks for the day that past
and the one to come
Here there is always Joy and Love
in the simplest of forms
never changing
Isn't that something worth believing in?

Joining up with Sadee here

Love and Light

Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Sometimes the earth offers such gifts...
it leaves one speechless
for more of my "earth gifts" today go here

Love and Light

Monday, 14 November 2011

Music Monday Offering...

You can hurt me bad, but I'll still raise the flag...

Happy Monday my Lovelies...
Love and Light

Saturday, 12 November 2011


12 years...
Nov. 2,2011 marked 12 years since my dad succumb to his 4th and final battle with cancer.

Loving Husband~Father

Ours was a complicated relationship...not always easy
In amongst the memories of childhood freedom there intertwined moments of uncertainty and fear.

But people grow and hearts soften.
The journey of the last 12 years have done that to me...
changed me and softened my heart
Lesson after lesson
Gift after gift
Layer after layer
Till I was left exposed, and naked.

Atonement = Amends

And so after 12 years
12 beautiful, life giving years
I found myself last Saturday morning
at The Garden of make amends.

I came with coffee, blanket, journal and a dozen roses.... of all I came with the forgiving, loving heart of a daughter who misses her dad

I could have never known how it looked
Until I invited it in...
It was nothing I could have imagined
in my limiting flesh
As everything was quiet and simple 

As simple as saying~
I am willing...
I am willing to forgive

Love an Light

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Storytelling...If these walls could talk

Forgotten...but not lost

They sit abandoned, and empty

They used to hold the heart...
They continue to hold the memories.

The stories they hold are now theirs alone
For no voice gives music to their song

And as each year passes by
The memories in the walls begins to fade away
Like the night, just before the dawn
The whispers of the past, begin to fade

With hopes of being noticed
Their peer out with dark empty eyes
Windows long gone
and panes cracked and broken

They have stories to tell
Lives that they hold
Terror and Tears
Laughter and Pain
Life and Death
They have seen it all

And though their roofs may be sunken
and their doors broken off
the walls, up right or not
hold on 
hold on to the Breath of Life
that once filled it's space

And when we pass
We can remember with them
We can ponder and dream of the lives they once held
We can see children spilling out
and mamma hanging up the washing
Daddy going out to the pasture with the dog, not far behind.

These memories...golden memories still enrich the lives
of those who take notice.

linking up with Sadee here

Love and Light