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Monday, 26 November 2012

Monday Offering...Seeds of Love and Hope

This past weekend we had out 5th Annual
Fundraising Banquet.
This is our big event of the year...
the one that pulls in the most people 
and the most funds.

This year we raised over $120, 000.00

is so something to celebrate.

(this is one of my kids Claudia...we sponsor her and her brother)

This year I spoke at the banquet, 
reflecting on my trip this past Spring.
I offer my words, that I shared that night,
to you today...

Hunger: the uneasy or painful sensation caused by want of food; the exhausted condition caused by want of food...
World Hunger refers to those who live in malnutrition; the lack of proper protein in their diet.
In 2010 925 million people went hungry everyday
1 out of every 7 people

(this is Oscar-Daniel, he is another one of our children...we sponsor him and one of his sisters, Sarah.
There are 5 children in his family, all of which are sponsored.  He and Sarah are the youngest.)
Does the world produce enough food to feed everyone?
World Agriculture produces 17% more calories per person 
then it did 30 years ago, despite a 70% population increase.
This is enough to provide every person with at least 2,720 calories per day.

What are the causes of World Hunger?
harmful Economic systems
Climate Change

(my butterfly girl Anna-Marie and her little sister)

1 out of 3 persons in developing countries
are affected by vitamin and mineral deficiencies.
10% of the worlds population owns a car
50% of the worlds population own their own home
4% of the world own a computer
12% have access to one
3-5% have internet access
25% of the worlds population sleep in their own bed
30% have enough money to have a bank account

(giving Daniel his gift)
I do not share these statistics to cause us to feel bad or guilty.
In fact it is with these facts I hope to empower ourselves.
To shift us into awareness of our position in the world.
For we are a minority
The way we live here in North America is not the norm
in comparison to most of the worlds life styles.
It is easy in our society to feel like we live in lack.
The media speaks of recession, global warming, loss of jobs, horrible violence and crimes, things that cause us to draw ourselves inward,
feeling like there is not enough.
Of course
the "forget" to tell inform us of all the wonderful abundance, love  and giving that goes on...

When we live in this kind of
Fear or Lack
we live with a perception that if another is successful there will not be enough let for us.
From this way of thinking we become steeped in 
living competitively, 
pitting us one another instead
of working together.
the truth is there is more than enough
and by living past the physical
we no longer see ourselves as separate from one another.
Instead we see ourselves as the spiritual beings we are
each coming from one Source...a Love Creator
thus coming from a source of Abundance.

During my last trip I felt the shift 
of deeper connections being formed 
A Trust
A Unity
was becoming ever present
and this realization brought me to a deeper sense of 
what we are doing
and why.
This is about Unity
about Family
This is about being threads in the same tapestry of Life
and holding fast to one another
and realizing each ones importance
in that tapestry
when one thread is removed
the tapestries strength
is compromised.
So yes
we go down to feed, provide, assist,
but on a deeper level
we come to strengthen the human bond
that lies between all human beings...
we go to lay claim to our birthright of belonging
and being a family
and loving one another 
beyond social status
beyond skin colour
beyond language.

When One heals we all heal
When one succeeds we all succeed 
When one grieves we all grieve
When one is fed we all are fed
When one Loves we all Love

Living in Unity moves us away from ourselves
and into a deeper relationship with each other...

Today, my lovelies, I challenge us to walk out
into our lives in Unity.
Share with someone the importance of Unity
and what that means/looks like to you.

Accepting our position in the world
and being responsible with it
understanding all we do has an effect 
on the rest of the world
it is our choice as to 
whether that affect
is positive

Love and Light

Seeds of Love and Hope International Society


  1. YES!!!! What an incredible amount!!
    Woo hoo!
    Been thinking of you.. bet you are full hearted and exhausted!
    BIG hug and a huge high five!!!

  2. that is awesome!!!!!!! and so was your speech! i watched avatar for the 4th time last night and how beautiful that world pandora was with the interconnectedness. your speech reminded me of that. so so inspiring!! xoxo

  3. I am SO GLAD you did this and what a perfect person to speak up for voices that can not! Wow I am so proud of you and what you accomplished and how you still give all those you know dignity. This was very beautiful. Thanks for sharing. We are indeed blessed:)

  4. I remember when you went there last time. It touched me then, and now, it's hitting me hard. What a beauty in heart and soul you are. I feel you were meant to do this. You are radiant in these pictures and your speech has truth, importance and power. Thank you for your time and hard work. Not everybody can do what you do. It's like nursing. I couldn't do it. I'd like to, but I cry too easily.
    Those children are shining and beautiful. So are you.

  5. my goodness, this is beautiful, you are beautiful!

    I'm blown away by these statistics. really makes you realize how privileged and fortunate we really are here in the U.S. Thank you for sharing this.

  6. You are love and light personified....just beautiful. Thank you for giving so much of yourself, the world is better because of it...

  7. I am from a developing country myself and I have seen how poverty,malnutrition and hunger affects our society.Yet, for some strange reasons, here, the rich do not contribute that much to eradicate either poverty or hunger...However, the non-profit organisations are doing their best in this regard...we also have massive population growth and traditional mindsets ..which adds to population growth as well as poverty but awareness is slowly spreading..
    It is said that "Service to man is service to God" and I am happy to see you working for the less fortunate. Me and my family also try our best by donating money and clothes and offer food to the needy and I had discussions with my husband about sponsoring a kid ...which we will be doing very soon...
    Another important thing is sharing...I have been sharing whatever I have with the needy, not only things but also love. I too want them to feel happy like anyone else..
    take care,

  8. Of course I love your references to the tapestry we are all woven into and the whole interconnectedness of life - how what we do affects others and what they do affects us. It was a beautiful speech and I think it inspired everyone that evening. Thank you for sharing this amazing place with us.

  9. I love the beauty in this post, the kind of beauty that is so real... I love what you are doing, Cat. Hunger is something that I find hard to accept in a world where so many have so much, when others don't even have enough to stop the hunger pains they feel, or a pair of shoes for their feet...and the list goes on...

    There was a time when I just felt overwhelmed with the needs being so many and so big, but I've learned that we do what we can with what we have, one little thing at a time. If we all do this, we can change the world.

    Beautiful children in your photos!

    You are awesome, Cat! Thank you for making the world a better place for us all.

    Much love and many blessings to you and all those you touch with your love.


  10. You are A-mazing! Your words ring out with Truth. "Accepting our position in the world..." - yes, yes and yes! You have most definitely done it and the world is beyond better for it. Light and love to you! xo

  11. That is incredible Cat! Well done!!!

  12. That is incredible Cat! Well done!!!

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