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Monday, 23 December 2013

Its almost time...

How are things for you my lovelies?

Love and light

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Things that make me cry... the most beautiful kind of way
packages from  dear friends over seas...

the joy of "feeling the love" can bring tears.
The pain of getting the news
that another dear sister-friend

is walking with cancer
this too brings tears...
beautiful tears of love, hope, warriorism and community.

Living in the ebb and flow...

Love and Light

Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Recently I had a conversation
with a dear sister about broken dreams.
Those that had been lost,
the ones that had not come true
and the pain and grief that comes with
this sort of thing.

She was sharing with me her own pain
from a dream that she had worked hard for
but it did not turn out as she had hoped/planned.
This happened many years ago
but the residue of disappointment
was still lingering
and she had found herself 
walking through the grief and resentment
of this dream...THE DREAM
 not taking shape
as she had planned.

As she spoke to me
I could feel her emotions
as if they were mine.
And I listened intently
not only to her
but to the Light voice 
that was pouring into me.
I had a message to give her
not right then
for she needed to talk
she needed to be heard
she needed to unload.
A few days later we saw each other again
and I had the opportunity
to share with her the message I had been given.
And not only was I able to pass it on
she was open to receive it.
(This is always such a blessing!)

The message was
that it had been A DREAM
that is all.
All had not been a waste
all had not been lost
there was purpose it what had happened....
This whole exchange
and her story
brought me to a place of reflection.
I brought myself to my own place
of broken and dead dreams
and I found again and again
the common actions of surrender...
and letting go.
Moving past my own ego
of how I thought it should be
and finding place of Trust.
Trusting the Powers that rules my fate.
Trusting a Bigger Picture that I am unable to see.
Believing that all things work for the Higher Good. 
These were the tools I used/use to walk through
the grief and disappointment.
I know some dreams are harder to let go of
than others,
and this is something we all face
during our lives.
None of us walk with out the scars of disappointment.
I thought about 
What if there is not just one dream?
The Spiritual realm, 
compared to the limited
physical realm,
offers so much more in way of possibilities.
In our fleshy selves
we are limited to all that we are attached to.
But Spiritually, the possibilities are endless,
as vast as the Universe Herself.
So in that context:
What if there is not just ONE DREAM
that fulfills our purpose here?
What if it is many different dreams...
some that come to full bloom,
along with those whose buds don't quite open?
And it is in these successes and failures
our very purpose is found.
What if Spiritually
we are not limited to ONE
but lent to many?

What do you think
my lovelies?
One dream or many?
Are the dreams that die as important
as the dreams that flourish?
Share with me your thoughts...

Love and Light

Wednesday, 4 December 2013


 The Event...
my 45th birthday
held at my favourite little neighbourhood pub...

my farthest traveler...coming to the burbs from the big city
my Moon Sister representing!

my closest right around the corner from the pub
bet you can guess who stayed till the

 It was a Monday night
so I did not expect a huge turn out...
I was pleasantly surprised.

My "other daughter"

My Light these women!
oh and

photo bomber alert!!!

good times with great friends

our spectacular waitress Stephanie...nothing like a night out with a group and getting the BEST service EVER!!!!

my lovely friend and step mom to my son...she's one special lady!

 The last three standing...
along with me

This is what 45 looks like in my world

not so bad!

the next morning was spent on the dyke
to chase the cob webs away

Feeling Blessed
by the love of those around me.
So far 
is the cats meow!

Love and Light