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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Take it on Faith.....

"Take It On Faith"
There’s only one road
In and out of my heart
I don’t know where it ends
And where it starts

But the night is young
Younger than we
So lets burn right and wrong
I’ll forgive you
And you’ll forgive me

Take it on faith
That I’ll be there
When the pain comes
And I’ll take it all on faith
That you will try, try not to run
When it’s hard, so hard

I can be on fire
Yah I can hold my own
But inside I’m just a girl
Who’s scared to be alone

Today was hard
But tomorrow’s new
And if you’re there for me
I’ll be there for you
Yes I will see us through

And I’m taking it on faith
That I’ll be there when the pain comes
And I’ll take it on faith
That you will try, try not to run
When its hard, so hard

I’ll take it on faith that you’ll be there
When the pain comes
I’ll take it all on faith
That you will try, try not to run
Take it on faith
Take it on faith
Take it on faith
Take it on faith
Take it on faith
Take it on faith
When it’s hard
so hard 

Love and Light my Lovelies

Monday, 12 May 2014


"This card expresses a desire for you to tell your stories,
storied of your life,
storied your've read,
and wisdom your've learned 
through your journey on life's path. 
Share your experiences and nourish others with your stories.
Touch others with your memories of life
however big or small.
They are a treasure found in the time capsule of your heart at the precise time and place required, waiting to share and acknowledge who we are in the scheme of things.
Lending an ear will help others to tell more stories.
Women need to tell more stories.
Open the silent doors of wisdom and power within,
and unleash the tales of magic in everyday life,
the short profound moments of mystery, the everyday humour of our daily experiences,
the knowledge of our similar paths.
Show each other we are here, ready to standup and reveal show we are to one another.
This will continue feeding our wisdom, nourishing our souls, empowering our beings
so that others know that they too walk a worth and powerful life.
Never underestimate the power of a story.
Stories lead us to places of knowing within.
Let your stories be heard."
~Wild Woman Mystery Cards by Elizabeth MacLeaod

Mother (according to Wikipedia)
a mother is a woman who has raised children,
given birth to a child
and/or supplied an egg which in union with a sperm
grew into a child.
Because of the complexity and differences of a mothers 
social, cultural and religious definition and roles
it is challenging to specify a 
universally acceptable definition for this term.

I pulled this card yesterday
for all the Mothers that might read it 
A card to inspire and help draw out our truth.
Mother can mean so many things
and I have come to believe that all women
are Mothers of some sort
or another.
Women hold a unique quality
that allows them to create life
and not just in the literal sense.
Women hold a life source apart from men
One that does not make us better
but one that contributes a vital aspect
to this Life
One that when teamed up with Mens qualities
brings balance to this world.

Let your unique voice be heard
Bring your Divine Gifts forth
and bring change to this world
Change that leads us closer to Love
Change that leads us closer to Peace
Change that leads us closer to God
Change that leads us closer to 
the respect and unity
of our Fellow Human Being 
and to our Mother Earth.

Our voices needs to be heard.

Create life 
Create love
Create healing

These things are our birth right
these things are our calling
these things are who we are.

what divine wisdom is your voice
wanting to share?

Love and Light