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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Retreat Reflections#4...What to do

while trudging through the swaps
such songs pour out from ones heart 

This Place
Not the easiest place to be
Over and Over 
I surrender to this place
of raw, naked Vulnerability

So close to the prize
Am I
and yet
I am blocked
by the monsters in my head

I reassure them, love them
hold them close
They seem to take so much
from me

I can't run from this place
I can only be
And choose
Not only to embrace the monsters
But to also
Embrace me

What to do?

Gather my courage back
Sink into the evolved me
Accept with gratitude the gifts given
Engage with my joy 

What do you do, my lovelies,
when you find yourself 
walking the swamps?

Love and Light


  1. I contemplate and ask for wisdom from people I love if I don't feel the solution or journey myself. Sometimes I walk alone with the Divine, other times I know the Divine e does not expect us to fully journey alone and to have those who speak opinions so we can find ours;)

  2. I cry.. ha ha! A LOT!
    And try not to medicate myself.. and also try to feel.
    Hard question for me.
    I grapple with this one too.

  3. I immerse myself in the swamp. I cry, I listen to the saddest music I can find that resonates with me and whatever I'm going through. I let myself grieve, scream, release, then I take a bubble bath, have a glass of wine sometimes and realize it was just something I had to go through. I'm never afraid of the swamp, it's the cold I hate. the lack of emotion so if that is my swamp, then in that case, I haven't a clue what to do... yet. xoxo

  4. I turn around and go back! Then take a long hot lavender bath and think about it for awhile. Those wooden animal carvings are so cool! Will you tell me more about those totems ? x

  5. I either head outside on the front porch with a cup of coffee, or to the bath with journal in hand and a prayer in my heart. Something about those things rejuvenates me and readies me for sorting through my struggles.

  6. Very timely post for me! Such gorgeous images!

    I find the only way through those swamps is to go through them and open to the possible teachings they may hold for me. I share my truth with others so that they may hold a space of light until I can return ... I look to see how I can embrace love in some small way and make my offering while continuing the journey.

    I also wanted to let you know, you post on forgiveness and your father gave me much insight and a new piece of healing. It has only been 6 years since my father passed and I am still processing the intricacies of our relationship and the lessons gleaned from it. xo

  7. I try to think what message it has for me or is that it has no message at all ? If there is any hidden message, I try to uncover it by meditating. But if it has no message but simply a momentary disturbance, then I try to avoid it by becoming completely silent ...if you just become silent and non-reactive, it goes away on its own...Sometimes, I start doing more of what I love to diminish the effect and memory of what I do not love...

  8. Beautiful words and ring so true! Aho!


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