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Thursday, 28 May 2015

When the Moon calls...

last week she tapped at my window
she called me out to play
she was giggling
soft and gentle
I tried to ignore her
I told her I needed to sleep
as I rolled over giving her my back
she would not relent

tap tap tap
on my window
tap tap tap

I grabbed my pen
and the book I had been reading
and this is what I wrote...

May 21st-2015

There she was
A slip of a sliver
Calling out to me from the night sky
Her soft glow expanding out
gentle and soft
Ever so slightly I see the dim silhouette
of the rest of her
But tonight
Tonight she reveals but a small quarter
A crescent of her beauty
And still in this form
She is as beautiful 
as when she is full
Cant it be the same for me?
Can I too be All when I feel
but a fraction of my self?

She tells me that I can
That I too am able...
She says that
Even when I am not feeling complete...
I am always whole.

Love and Light my lovelies xox