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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Retreat Reflections#5...Sometimes, you have to "go there"

Sunday Morning...
and it was she
"The Guide"
prompting us to enter
The Shadows

you have to go there...
to those places that are not so easy
to those places in yourself
that you feel are 

and so...
we followed
trusting hearts
into the garden of our souls
looking for signs
looking for answers

we connect to our Higher-selves
She came with information for us,
revealing something that has been blocking 
our Divine Vision
She wants us to help us 
see it in a different light
to look at it through Love's eyes
to see what we thought was ugly
is actually beautiful...

through each negative inside
a positive is born
this is the way of the Divine
never wanting to leave us in our darkness
always there with us
always giving an alternative choice

Together we walked there
in those tender places
Learning the truth
about them
Accessing the Guidance 
to the abundant support
available to help us become one 
with that part of us...
the part we find unloveable

In this place
we not only face the shadow
we seek the message from our Heart
We listen for the Divine Words
waiting to be given
We understand that help is always there
We know we are not left to walk
these Shadows alone...

My lovelies,
who walks with you
in your Shadow Parts?
Do you have ones who do not judge 
who only support?

Know this:
I walk with each of you
holding space for your truth to come;
your Heart Messages to be revealed
I hold the Light in the Dark Places
this is what I do...

"I am woman
let me do what it is I do"

Love and Light


  1. speechless and soaking in the love xoxo

  2. I admire your support system and know that you also support. Your pictures show mercy... May it continue to be abundant in your life. Thanks for the message;) it was needed;)

  3. Loved your post and its feels good knowing that there is someone up there who guides us.

    And also someone here right beside us ,i.e. our friends and support groups and friendships like ours, how we connect with each other through blogs and through a group of like minded friends.

    It is really assuring and life affirming to hear these lines :
    "I walk with each of you
    holding space for your truth to come;
    your Heart Messages to be revealed
    I hold the Light in the Dark Places
    this is what I do..."

    In my personal life, there are a very few people who do not judge me and I am blessed to have them in my life. And I also try my best not to judge the place of "judgement", I try to use my "understanding" of the person...

    But a support system always helps...we need someone who can show us the way and elevate us from our lower self to our higher self..sometimes, friends comes to help us in the journey, sometimes, it is a book and sometimes, it is a life experience which might seem bitter at first but which has many hidden life lessons...
    wishing you a wonderful day !

  4. Lovely you. you are rich in life with your supporting, freeing, loving sistas. I consider you one of my teachers, if you will. You, with your great big heart. I've got a friend who's been with me through thick and thin. We are true soul sisters, a friendship so connected and "safe". We rendezvous once a year, fall together and laugh our heads off somewhere in the desert southwest. Always.
    Thank you for guiding me out of the darkness, through your posts, on days that its hard to see. XO

  5. I'm constantly working on the negativity inside of me . . . it seems I spend way more time and energy than is necessary focusing on the bad instead of reflecting on the good. I'm trying to change this habit of mine. Remembering all that is good . . .


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