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Sunday, 23 November 2014

ReWilding Retreats

Once upon a time, 
there were three very different little girls... 

 who grew up to be three very different women. 

But they have three things in common: 

They're brilliant, 
They're beautiful and 
They worked for me. 

My name is Spirit.

And so it was
Feb. of 2014
these three women would come together
for the first time

bringing in the spring
with sacred circle

It would be months later
when one would get a tapping
a call
to bring the three together

to collaborate and birth
a space where women
would come together
and rebirth them selves.

So after months of planning,
coming together,
and bearing heart and soul to one another
has been brought to full life.

This is an offering of our hearts to yours...

The Bear

The Elk
The Owl

an offering blessed and over seen by Deer

 Our launch retreat will be 
Friday, April 24-2015 to Monday April 27th-2015
to be held at Mt. Hood, Oregon, USA
for more info go here

"A Soul or Spirit Doula is not the Doula of physical babies but of spiritual re-birth, dream seeds, and artistic/heart creations. 
It has been proven that when a birthing mother has another woman in the birthing space with her, it helps to put the woman at ease and bring her into alignment with her power and confidence; 
this enables her to move through the process in a strong way. 
So it is with spiritual rebirths and creative awakenings amongst women. We are of the mind that having a female support group during any great awakening, re-birthing, or creative unfolding, 
is helpful and healing  while igniting the woman's own strength 
enabling her to bring forth the offerings 
and truths of her own heart." 
~ReWilding Retreats

Collaboration is an unfolding and re-birthing
within itself
and as we move closer to our first retreat, of many
we each continue to rebirth into ourselves
as we learn and grow together
different and yet the same
alone and yet together. 
I have been blessed to be
a part of this call.
It was not something I expected
but I have come to know
that it is those things
that we do not expect
that enrich us the most
for we are able to allow
the flow
just that much more
so what It is can be just that
what It is.
We hope for a long
 and fruitful path of offering
for our selves
and those who join us...
Might that be you?
Come by and have a visit

“Grace fills empty spaces, but it can only enter where there is a void to receive it, and it is grace itself which makes this void.” ― Simone Weil

Allow us to hold the void....for you 
Love and Light


Thursday, 6 November 2014

Ode to October...

You are my favorite time of year
it is not hard to love you at all.
This is my season
when life begins to fade
and with it comes the amazing beauty of change
and change did come
as it does...

starting with the official ending of a season 

we have been gathering for 3 years
and now the time had come to bring our circle and contract
to a close

bitter sweet

as it is with those things that we love
but as this is the season of death
so it is that all things have their own end
and so it is...

And as one door closed another door opened
as a new dream was birthed...
with two amazing lovelies
I call sisters and friends

and the response was tremendous...
more on this little nugget in a post to come.
And then there is the time of Thanksgiving
which found me on a bus north bound to meet my love and my son...

Oh the lavish land that I live in
 magnificent wild mountain rages
plummeting into deep ancient rivers
and then comes the interior dessert
dry and cool
refreshing for the lungs to breath
and for the eyes to beyold

This month brought a re-awakening
of priorities and what really mattered
It brought truth 

Some truths are hard to take
and some the minute you hear them
you know them to be true
but even in the hard ones
there is something to be learned
something to grow from
something to live for

I held my last Shaenalach Retreat for the year
and the first one under the new name...
and it was splendid
a huge blessing!
I love the work I do

I am so blessed by the women who join me
they show such courage and willingness
such grace and compassion
it is an inspiration to me
to keep on this healing path for myself
and to keep providing this space for others
to do the same.

 And in the end
there was laughter
courtesy of 
a child that brings such joy to my life.

you were so full
everyday something new
something painful
something beautiful

thank you
thank you
thank you

How was October for you my lovelies?

Love and Light