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Monday, 28 July 2014

The Gift of Medicine...

Sacred Gifts
made from Sacred callings
and put forth...

a new medicine pouch was needed

I was coming into transition
and had been gifted some sacred items
that needed a place to be held...

And so 
after putting out a call
my Eagle Sister Heather Dakota  answered
and our connection formed

I was not disappointed
A beautiful journey story came with my pouch
one that spoke deep to my heart
and verified the season
I am moved by the perfection
of it all.

Heather Dakota
I can not thank you enough
The heart and soul that went in to this pouch
is obvious to me
everytime I wear her
every time I look at her
I am ever grateful for the time and care
you put into this Sacred Gift
for me.
Love and Light

Tuesday, 8 July 2014


Summer crept in with you
not willing to rush in
taking her time

Stepping in
Stepping out

for that right moment
to reveal herself
 and the life she held.

So it was with you
a dance of 
in and out
a dance of waiting
a dance of patience
a dance of looking deep

and then

when the time was right
you pulled me deep inside
to new places 
with old faces
and old stories
that lay within my skin.

You brought me through 
old thoughts
old patterns 
and took me to the other side.

You showed me how to Allow

To Allow 

my Knowing
my  Courage
my Love
my Freedom
my Forgiveness

and celebrations rang out
within my soul
for such Sacred Allowing
for such Beautiful Unfolding

And you Allowed me to bear witness
to beautiful Souls
and their own unfolding

To hold space
and bring sacred ritual and affirmation
to them
as they stripped down
to their core...

and I felt Blessed

you blessed me
thank you

How was June for you
my lovelies?

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Warrior Woman...featuring some of the Warrior Women I know...

Warrior Woman

The road is rocky and dry
Dust kicks up as her boots hit the earth
The dry earth of too many suns
and not enough rain...

Her armour weighs heavy
But she removes not a piece

For she is in battle walking The Underworld 
Calling out Demons and Exposing Shadows
Bringing them to submission and transformation

And those who do not comply
most move on to the after life
Their place here done.

Her heart at times wavers
But her feet are forever sure.

Those she passes along the way
Don't always see her truth
They don't see the branches in her hair
on which the robin perches
They can't see the owl in her face or
that her large eyes see clearly in the dark.

They don't see the eagle that  circles above her 
The bear that follows a few paces behind
They don't recognize the grey wolf at her side.

They only see a mangy mutt of a dog
and as for the black cat
they can't see it as the jungle Panther that it is.

Some know there is something different about her.
Her face holds the beauty and the horror  she has seen
They see the lines etched into her face
of one exposed to the elements
for far too long

They can see her wild hair
like her spirit
And they know she has traveled far.

And for a brief moment
they wonder what secrets she holds
That maybe - just maybe she might know something
worth hearing.

But as soon as it comes,
the moment is gone...

And they carry on their merry way
with not a second thought 
of the strange, wild woman
they past on their way.

And then there are those who know,
they know she has seen things
they need to hear about;
They see the earth change as she breathes in and out.

They long to come up beside her
taking in her essence
stepping into her world.

For it is a world that they too long for.

But they hold back...

Afraid to be seen with such a creature;
Afraid of how knowing will change their world.

Afraid of the sins of desire and freedom;
Afraid to leave the containment of a world they know
and can trust.

Even if their heart longs for it...

Even if their skin cries for it...

Even if their blood boils for it...

They simmer it down
shut it out
soothe it with words such as
and obey.

But finally
there are others
who see her clearly.

Warrior Woman

Dry Blood Crusted Wounds
tended to by the WoodLand Fairies

Eyes of Wisdom that comes from outside
the human realm.

A wild passion bubbling up from deep within
She is not one to tame
But one to honour.

They see the trophies of the demons she has harnessed
as they sway on a rope
strapped to her side.

She is not to be underestimated
She will breathe dragon fire if needed
and yet
will nurse the dying to life.

She is fierce in battle
and even fiercer in the way she loves.

She has swam the seas of lava
and marinated in the mud of time.

She has walked the corridors of endless darkness
and smelt the stench of hopelessness
Her skin saturated with the emptiness 
of  a thousand bottomless wells.

She has drank of the waters of Life
and been blessed by Angels Divine.

She has witnessed the Dawn of Time
When the Great Magic sang it's first song
She has held purity in her hand
and has swam in the Ocean of Love.

She needs so sword
and walks with but a staff in hand
and a lantern held high.

She has fear.

But stays on course in spite of it
Ready to kick ass when needed.

She can also soothe a babe to sleep
and make a grown man cry
with the words of her heart.

She is All.




Goddess, Sister, Daughter, Friend

She is All

Love her
Treasure her
Know her

And if you are lucky enough to see her
and all those she walks with
Step up and ask her the questions of your heart
Walk with her
Take her hand
Eat with her
Drink with her

And you will soon see
Within her eyes
There is You

~Catherine Beerda-Basso
copyright 2014

Love and Light
my Warrior Women