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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Ode to 2014...

This was the year of being Fierce...

that was what I though 
when I received my word for the year. 
But looking back over the time that has past
I realized it was not about me being fierce
it was about the year itself, 
being fierce.
 It began with stepping into the desert...

It was here
 that I allowed the Arizona sun to seep into my bones.
I hiked the rough terrain, 
as the sweat ran down my back...
biked in the cool morning desert
along side jack rabbits and 100+ year old cacti
and had a face to face with a lovely soul .

I have been blessed by the women I have met
in this world of blog
this dear one is one such blessing
These encounters go deep...

I had the immense privilege and honour
of gathering with other travelers

in a circle of great integrity
and SouLodge honour. 

here I unleashed the painter within...
and sat in sisterhood...
one that showed me what coming home feels like.
There was an adventure of a life time...

as I returned to my beloved Colombia
this time with my Young Blood (my oldest son)
along with my brother and my niece.

And there was more sisterhood and gathering to be done...

Sacred Burning in Bellingham
with these two lovely creatures... 
The Umber Dove and The Word Alchemist
burning the old ways, to allow space for the new

letting go of the death of winter
to allow new life to spring

sitting in the sacred space or our selves

as we listened to the messages of now

 Bear Medicine was very fierce this year

showing up to me numerous times
and when I least expected it.
There was the fierce inner work of soul retrieval ...

and Vision Quest journeys
that reaped many a story

many a message...

the willingness to listen
to follow the call
to put myself out there
and let die 
that which did not serve me

We said see you soon to our Young Blood 
as he moved to Vancouver Island...

taking his first step into independance
and living out his dreams...his life
there was a coming together
to create

  and create we did
these three spiritual doulas birthed in collabortaion
ReWilding Retreats
a journey of unfolding for each of us.

there was celebration...

with my dear, wise sister Pixie
 as one of our own moved from an old life
into a new...
more medicine came my way

a gorgeous medicine pouch
custom made for me
by this magical creature.
I stepped deep into The Mud
cooling down from the fire of the previous year

 exposing myself to life
and her elements...

to fiercely bring back life that was asleep 

I was honoured to hold space for two fierce warrior women
on their journey...

 and a new name arose for my "buisness"
Shaenalach Retreats came to be...

celebrating birth and life with a dear friend and sister
who last year was told to say goodbye to her childern
due to a cancer diagnosis

meeting up with far away friends...

And Sacred family time was spent...

this time together was one of our best
so sacred and good
intimate moments that I will hold within my heart
remembering and knowing
who we are as a family...

so blessed
and on our way home
the unexpected sorrow
the unexpected gift
Time with my sister

 and biological mom

ocean side in Anacortes...

And then again I was privileged
to circle and create
with sisters
in the magical, sacred container of
Soul Craft

with my gentle bad-ass sister Nissa Howard

we crafted, sang, laughed and cried together...

 we made fierce Sacred Sound together...


There was fierce heartache and grief
as I said goodbye
to things that mattered...

 the circle I had been apart of for the last four years
goodbye to these two beautiful creatures

"kids" to sister-friends of mine...
angels from above
only to be here for a short time....
I opened my own circle
"The Well"

a place for women to come 
replenish, restore and renew
And another blessed time holding space for others
as they traverse through their own
spiritual journey

 Shaenalach Retreats
a place of listening, learning and healing.
Oh and there was fierce fun to be had
as The Wild Women of the West
met at a hotel room in Bellingham

to celebrate song and sisterhood!

And closing this year with a trip of a life time
for my family and I
as we fiercely traveled across the world
and then down under...

saying prayers in Taipei

meeting up with bloggy friends in New Zealand

The Shire

visiting an volcanic lake in Rotorua, New Zealnad

time with dear friends

crossing over 10 years in Australia

a Christmas far from home
 It indeed was a Fierce year.
So much richness experienced
So many truths uncovered
So many healing moments
this year was fiercely wonderful
a balance of pleasure and pain
life and death
light and dark
as it is in this world
a spiritual being having and human experience
a human being having a spiritual experience
either way I look at it
2014 has been fierce
and I bow in gratitude to it all.
Into 2015 I walk with the word Honour

Mount Eden in Auckland

with that I believe
come big responsibility...

Piha Beach in North New Zealand

I am ready...

Love and Light