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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Ode to December

It started with a 46th birthday

and celebrations were shared with family

and friends

beautiful cards from inspiring souls...

I said goodbye to my man-child
The Young Blood

this time he was off to the land down under
hoping to spent the next year in Australia
working and enjoying the surf

I will miss him
but also know this is the best thing
in the world for him right now.

there was wine by the fire
as winter set in
and there was planning...
lots of planning and tying up loose ends
as we prepared for our own adventure
one that would take us to the Southern Hemisphere
to meet up with our Young Blood!

First stop Taipei, Tiawan

second stop
New Zealand 
where we met up with The Young Blood
and some dear friends...

love this lady!

bloggy friends!

amazing women...thanks for coming out ladies!

Christmas Eve Kiwi Style...

cottage lifestyle...full on!

really? could they have gotten on any better??? me thinks not.

I love these people...

and these people too.
 from here
we were all off to Australia...

here I spent time with this lovely and her family for the first few days...a life time ago we lived and worked together, back when we had no responsibilities except to keep people looking lovely and keep Red Robin in business with our after work "down time"...over 20 years later we are still a part of each others lives....but this time I came to her!

reminders that indeed it is Christmas Holidays!


it was here we brought in the new year...

New Years Day 2015 in Airlie Beach, Australia

and happy 12th Birthday to The Ginger

hello Sydney...

our last lunch together...

It was here we lift the Young Blood
crushing to his little brothers heart
and making my mother heart tender
but oh so good
and oh so special these last weeks had been
for us as a family...

the three of us head back to Taipei for a day
before returning home...

arriving at 4:30am required a little airport napping before heading out for the day...

Taipei 101 Building

the old with the new...

Goodbye were awesomely delicious!!!
This trip was life changing
in the way that went deep into my bones
deep into my cells
and I came home a different woman.
There are so many stories within this story...
ones I plan to share here.
But for now I will say
this time away was a gift 
for my family
for my boys
for my marriage
for my heart
for my soul...

I step into 2015...

Love and Light