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Friday, 31 October 2014

Sisters of Light...a cutting of the strings

It was September 2011 when these lovelies came together for retreat
the first time...
and this space was founded
(more about that found here )

Sisters of Light 2014
 After that first coming together we gathered
every two weeks
for two years
forging a bond like none of us had ever experienced before.

But it was not to last.

During our annual retreat last year
there was a shift made
as one sister felt herself pulled in another direction...
in turn
the decision was made to no longer meet as we once had.

we met now and again as individuals
and had brunch as a group
a few times throughout the year...

A month ago
we came together to retreat
once more

I was not prepared for the shift
not prepared for the distance I felt
with some of the sisters.

Looking back I can see it was my own naivety
and my own
"seeing the world through rose coloured glasses".
enjoying the forest

I had expected it would be
as it once was
but instead
things had shifted and changed.

having a little fun

Within those expectations
I had set myself up...

lesson learned.

Just like the seasons change
Just as the earth evolves
Even I ebb and flow with in my life...
even the trees bow in our presence ; ) do sisterhoods 

Nothing remains the same.

This was a challenge for me to face

one I needed to face none the less...

When we ceased to gather last year
we never closed or released 
the contract we had made with one another
and this retreat was to do just that
the time had come.

The contract had been honoured
and it was time for each of us to be released
from its sacred word...
allowing eahc of us
to move deeper into our Light.

 and so it was

 With our contract fulfilled
that which bound us was disolved...

We marked this with a ritual...
each of us cutting a string we had tied together at the beginning of the weekend 

our fearless guides

another powerful moment shared
Sisters of Light

Letting go is not always easy
And for a sensitive heart like mine
it takes me a while to process.
what I know to be true
is that in the letting go
I allow
I allow something else to come
perhaps something that will encourage me
on the road I am on
perhaps something that  assist me
in where it is I am going...
our mystery spirit dog

Whatever comes
I am grateful for what was
What I learned and how I grew with these women
was more than I could have ever imagined on my own
They helped shape and mold me
to who I am at this moment.

We will always be The Sisters of Light
as we have traveled many lives together.
We are now something different
from what we once were in this life.

This is not the end
but a new beginning...

What dear thing to your heart have you had to let go of recently lovely?

Love and Light

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Shaenalach Retreats...Oct 24th - 27th

I am blessed to do the work that I do...
the following are images capture at a recent 

preparing space

the alter is laid

communion begins

a circle is created

cleansing from the outside world

the table is set

healthy nourishment creates healthy healing

listening, learning and healing

stepping out in the rain to communique with Mother Nature

The Walking sister-friend who walked with and over came stage 4 cancer

finding their tree

a time to reflect

Women of the Wood

returning lighter in heart, with more tools in hand

the Light and dark of our souls...

healthy goodness for the deep work at hand

Sacred Messages

giving back

warrior women

creating a vision

creating and communing

resting in the goodness

This was the first retreat held under the new name
(Shaenalach Retreats)
a name that holds sacred meaning
to my heart...
and it showed.
Taking nothing from my past retreats, 
which held their own magic...
this retreat reflected the growth and maturing
of myself and the retreats own "spirit"
Together we are growing and evolving...
this is very exciting
as this work of women healing
is near and dear to my heart, soul and mind.
This is the road I know
and one I want to share.
Not because I have it all figured out.
As I told my fellow travelers this past weekend
this journey is till the day I die
But I have witnessed, experienced and lived the transformation, transmutation and transfiguration
 that soul work healing brings.
It's a practice.
It requires commitment.
It utilizes love and courage.
It is worth it all.
It is an honour to come together with other women
in healing and sacred circle.
An honour I do not take lightly.
I am not interested in telling someone how to live...
I am passionate about allowing women
to discover how they desire to live
and how they want to show up
to their spiritual convictions...
for themselves...
and for those they love.
I bow to these women
and those who came before them
and those who will follow them
with deep gratitude and awe in my heart.
You are the brave ones
the ones who change the world
from the inside out
when you say  
The Call!
Thank you

I am blessed to do the work that I do...
Love and light