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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Beyond my own words...

Layer by Layer I remove all I thought
I was
all I thought I had to be
in the moment
I was left standing 
and vulnerable
without identities and labels
I remembered 
~Lenila Vangellis~
(thanks Sofia)

this week...
while up at the "GordLord" retreat
I have been removing
a critical spirit...
what have you been removing my lovelies?

Love and Light


  1. I've removed a very toxic person from my life
    Sadly it took to have this person removed from my life (whilst I was desperately trying to keep them in my life) to realize just how toxic they were ;'(
    I grieve the loss of a friend
    I celebrate re finding me

  2. I'm learning to let go of so many things, at least this is what I am working on. I find myself picking up the same old baggage from time to time. It's a process, I guess.

    I feel I don't have the energy for things I have dealt with in the past - like toxic people and needing the approval of others.

    Learning to live by: "how someone treats me is their karma. how i react is mine."

    Absolutely love the quote!!!


  3. Powerful words. Yes I would love for you to do the same on your b-day. I hope more do actually! Please email me your address! xoxo

  4. Well, working with the public all day, is not always easy. I try to remove judgement, and replace it with compassion. I'm loving the quote that Miss Sixpence shared...i think that will be my new mantra! You've got quite a tribe of true lovelies, I must say! :-)

  5. Ahhhh...what a beautiful image. I'm trying to remove a feeling of being stuck. Stuck in fear, boredom, tedium? not sure, but I don't seem to be moving forward....spinning my wheels is getting old. Would like to see positive results in my life soon - but I need to realize this takes action on my part !!

  6. Thank you for visiting me Cat, I hope you had, are having a wonderful, insightful retreat. X

  7. I am removing fear and that critical spirit too. I love the quote! xo

  8. I am removing my labeling of what 'life' is and when it occurs.


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