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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Time alone...visual stimulation

the place
my companions
 my first attempt at painting since childhood
 *all my talented painter friends please be kind*
 killer can happy hour
 the perfect roasted marshmellow
 a little dancen'
 morning coffee
 a work in progress...remember, *be kind
 fireside reflections....
(more on that later)
not pictured here:
a visit from friends...
and I quote
"this place is weird"
a photography sesh
(to be seen in later post)
a fire side chat with a local
old movies
grief cleansing


Love and Light


  1. I love that you are picking up art again - I like the fluidity in your work and that you dance!

  2. Your beauty spills out onto the page and the screen under the watchful eye of owl......... lovely. x

  3. It feels good to see you painting. And whatever I can see from the pictures, I must say, I love your strokes and use of colors !
    I paint as well, If you are interested, you can search the following labels in my blog's right sidebar "artwork" and " sketches" . I used to paint during my childhood and youth but then I stopped. I picked up again after 10 years in the 3rd year of my marriage and I am hooked to it now.
    Waiting to see your finished artwork.
    have a nice day !

  4. so lovely!! your artwork is beautiful and i'm glad to see you painting. one of these days i will do it again too. thank you for these life glimpses. <3

  5. your owl. i loved it. i'm so glad you had this time and i'm glad you gave us glimpses of it. xoxo

  6. i love to see how and what captures your days.
    pleasure, thanks for being vulnerable and sharing.

  7. Ooooo I want it;) I love your use of cour and imagination;)
    Why is the place weird?
    I have always loved that ring when it shows up in pictures;) ( the pearl)
    It looks so quiet. I wish we were there;)

  8. Owl in sunset. Even in painting, it's not the destination, it's the journey! Looks like you're having a soulfull good time doing what yer suppose to be doing. And, if it's weird, it will be memorable! Live it up, baby!

  9. Love, love, LOVE Cat. This is EXACTLY it. xox! - U


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