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Saturday, 21 July 2012

For you my Lovelies...

before I go
before I enter some time of solitude
with paper and pen
paint and canvas
connection to Divine Feminine
I had to share with you something
my dear soul-sister Rain posted
a message we all need to hear
women of today
the brave one
my lovelies
give some time to your Divine Self 
and watch this

Love and Light to you all
I posted this video not because of who is speaking
(prior to this video clip I had not heard of her, 
nor do I follow her work nor have I read her book)
I posted it because of what she is saying
in this moment
I believe these words are universal
and needed to be heard


  1. i started crying the minute SHE started speaking. the same experience she had with marion woodman. i mean i am broken wide open right now. i can not thank you and rain enough for introducing her. i needed all of this. every every word. the questions, the burdens of being born here in this time and place and all it encompasses.. make sense now. xo

  2. This was lovely...I am glad Rain posted the inspiring speech. It was incredible:) We, together, by being, are changing our worlds. We need each other. I love our community.

  3. Powerful. Thanks for sharing. I too, love this blogging community and to echo what Kmarie said ...."we need each other".
    Thank you for being such a supportive presence on my blog. :)

  4. So powerful...words cannot express. Im speechless. I embrace this today, and thank you for posting it!

  5. O,yes. Yes. Thank you so, Sister.

  6. Ah, so many thanks for sending this my way. It resonates so much right now, as you surely knew it would. If I were near I'd hug you :) xoxo


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