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Monday, 16 January 2012

Monday Offerings...

Today was a heavy day.
I woke up with anxiety 
sitting upon my chest.
I could go through the list of things that I conjured up in my mind
as to why I felt this way
but the truth is
it has to do with
As I am living this word out with intention everyday
I find myself sitting in situations that leave me
this practice tends to
 brings a few emotions
along for the ride.

So when I sat down, to write, at my computer 
this morning at 5:00am
I was pleasantly surprised to be welcomed into
I had "forgotten" that today The Winter Session started
It was a welcome surprise.

But the pain in my chest lingered
I knew what was going on
another layer being pealed back
another shift deep inside...
like moving furniture
it can be rough
but the results are usually worth it...
But I needed relief
I required grounding
so I sought it 
in the place were Grace always abounds...
I went to my church

With my trusted companion at my side
we ventured off into the snow filled morning
sparkles still falling from the sky
the clouds hanging low
we walked into 
The Church of The Winter Earth
and we were baptized
in Mother's Beauty
and Life

This is my offering to you...

the beauty of a winters morning

the joy of being part of it

the life that teams within

and in these moments

breath returns

and courage is found

hope reborn

because it is in nature
Divinity speaks it's loudest

and we are reminded

in order to fly
one must move her wings

Love and Light


  1. Beautiful post. Glad you found your sacred place. Thanks for the email- I sent one back. I would like to hear more on that link you posted. I was a bit confused to what it was but it sounds interesting. I would love to hear your progress:)
    Thanks for sharing your vulnerable heart.

  2. Beautiful! I go to the same church, different location, and notice the small and great things through the camera lens, and come away awed and renewed.
    Thanks for sharing your soul through the eyes of our Creator GOD.

  3. Beautiful words and beautiful pictures...keep flying Cat!!

  4. these pictures are amazing!!! i especially love the end: that in order to fly, we must move our wings. it would be nonsensical to think otherwise, and yet sometimes i forget. sometimes i just need to keep moving... anyway, i hope you have find/have found a new lightness in your chest.

  5. Absolutely beautiful post - yes, we're members of the same church! It's very large, you know!
    Thank you for the comments on my blog - loved you saying my year could "unleash the dragon" - love that!


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