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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Dear January...

I will be honest
I am not sad to see you go
You've pressed upon me this year
I've felt the shadows closing in
Emotions bubbled up my throat
often leaving it hard to breathe

I've felt the cold of your breath
on the back of my neck
The isolation that 
Cold Winter can bring
I have, at times, felt lost in the abyss
of silence that would seem to steal my voice

You've walked me down
the Winter Path
and pulled me 
through my Flesh
not to suffer,
but for Freedom

 And there 
you showed me Light
Your challenge I rose up to 
and have been revealed in Truth
Discoveries otherwise 
left unfound

New beginnings 
have taken root
Unexpected visitors 
have come to call
And again my heart
been opened wide

No, I am not sad
to see you go
Yet, I say thank you
for all you gave
the challenge
the darkness
the growing
the lightness

But mostly I thank you
for these two boys
As they really are
the best part of you
they lead me to be a better person
they hold a key to what I need

Thank you 
'Til we meet again next year...

Love and Light

copyright 2012
written by Catherine Beerda-Basso


  1. Love the photo with the berries in contrast to the barren land. Kind of like your boys in the middle of January.
    Catherine Denton

  2. This line makes my heart leap:
    "pulled me
    through my flesh
    not to suffer,
    but for Freedom"

    The visual of being pulled through flesh, so vivid and beautiful.

    I'm going to join you in thanking January and moving on, I need the demarcation, the moment, the release into the next.

    With gratitude, J

  3. Wow I can see you in your boys:) Love the smiles.
    I'm sorry you had some tough barren parts of January- You seemed so great on each blog post. I know January can be hard- this was probably one of my best ones but usually I hate January. I am glad you learned many lessons- continue on your warrioress path of vulnerability:)

  4. Breathtaking, stirring..settled in my heart. xo

  5. I wish I could bundle up this heat and humidity and send it over to you in return for some of that cool looking snow. The heat is making me so cranky and grumpy.
    January - yes it is a funny kind of a month, I also was not sad to see the end of it.
    Your boys are darling xxx

  6. Adore the photographs of the snow glimmering.
    To Beginnings and a step in.
    Glad to also have January at mine back.

    (I was a bit amused and warmed to see the same song I posted by Florence + the Machine in Your post here. Just felt right today.)

  7. yes. here's to new beginnings. :-)
    and every day can be day one. <3

  8. Beautiful tribute to the grayness I often feel this time of year.

  9. Just wanted to tell you I am thinking of you today. I hope you are well. I have been sensing something different from you...perhaps you are struggling or perhaps I am being dramatic but I wanted you to know that today, Saturday February 4th, you have been thought of and you are considered a beautiful person full of talent, wonderful possibilities and a life worth living.

  10. I have been sensing something different too. I'm glad Kmarie brought it up. I hope things are ok in your world. I've been thinking about you too. Many hugs xo


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