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Friday, 20 January 2012

I just had to......

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these words speak loud and clear to me today...
would love to hear your thoughts.

Love and Light


  1. Read it,, Loved it, went well with my post today. I am now a subscriber to that blog.
    You are fabulous.

  2. I needed this! Wow. powerful words, resonating words, necessary words. Such wisdom in them. Yup, those words were a light in the dark to me this day. Thank you for the link. Amazing! xo

  3. I LOOOOOOVED this too! Subscribing myself to her bloggy posts.. thankyou for sharing :)

    I love what she said here.. "You won't find any long-term solutions in the less of this, more of that approach. Instead, consider the idea that the You you've been searching for is already present within you, just waiting for conscious connection. Let go of the idea that you need fixing, because deep down, you aren't really broken. You've only taken on layers of concepts, habits and dogmas that aren't serving you, and certain basic needs have gone unmet for awhile."

    YES!!! Loved this! Totally what I have been learning in this journey... no more sin management and me trying to clean myself up to please God, but realizing I am already "good enough" for Him, and it's a healing process. Such a huge difference.



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