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Monday, 21 November 2011

in the still of the night

on the dark roads
through the farm lands
we drove
and my two boys
we were driving home after doing our bi-weekly, bulk goods,
grocery shop at the big box store on the other side of town
first it was the fact that they both came
for their own reasons
no doubt
hoping for 
and extra treat
wanting to see the Christmas fare
already put out
maybe a special stop
at a special shop
something special
whatever the reason was
I was not alone when I went to purchase
what our cupboards lacked
and as we drove
down the dark farm road
I savored the moment 
I was in
my man-child driving us homeward
my little man sitting in the back chatting
the radio on
in the back ground
and I said
to myself
"drink in this moment
BE in it
marinate as long as you can
for THIS is goodness."
and then it happened
my man child
my almost eighteen year old boy
reached across the seat
 for my hand
in the dark
in the privacy of our moment
as mother and sons
my eldest boy took my hand
and held it
and as the wave of gratitude 
washed over me
and the tears
rolled down my cheek
I said to myself
"how did I become This Woman?
did She become Me?"
it seems
not too long ago
the great sadness
hung over my life like wet wool
there was more dusk 
then dawn
a darkness followed me
in my peripheral vision 
causing me to be unsure
never fully open
never full trusting
never fully sure
and yet
here I sat
fully open
fully trusting
fully for sure
content in the moment
breathing it in
like the life line is was
that all is well
with my soul
in the still of the night
a mother and son
shared a special moment
or two
the kind that feels like coming home
and makes you

Love and Light

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  1. Oh Cat....I too have tears rolling down my cheeks reading this. Wow. Much love xx

  2. I'm in tears.
    I pictured this out in my mind as you wrote it...and I felt the moment.
    Beautiful heart moment dear friend.
    Thank you for sharing it with us.

  3. this is so so so beautiful. i love that you were able to have that special moment with your son. this is a stunning "from the deep places within your soul" post, and it truly touched me. thank you for sharing such a tender moment. <3

  4. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. X

  5. Oh my gosh, Cat, this made me cry! Beautiful!!

  6. I am so glad that your soul is well, that you have come out of the great sadness and that you were able to be fully present in that moment with your boys...what a gift!

  7. Tears for me too. My heart is full of this same feeling of "home," Cat--thank you for sharing this beautiful moment!

  8. Wow, my Sweet Friend... What a precious moment indeed.
    Your heart of gratitude is beyond lovely!

  9. This made me cry. hard. I have an 18 year old man-boy who does things like that. He is so rare with his physical touch, that when he does it, it is a moment savored, indeed. I felt this with you.

  10. I read this post yesterday at work, Cat... I cried through it...beautiful heart...I don't even know what to say but I just loved your thoughts and your vulnerability... this brings me hope.


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