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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Storytelling...If these walls could talk

Forgotten...but not lost

They sit abandoned, and empty

They used to hold the heart...
They continue to hold the memories.

The stories they hold are now theirs alone
For no voice gives music to their song

And as each year passes by
The memories in the walls begins to fade away
Like the night, just before the dawn
The whispers of the past, begin to fade

With hopes of being noticed
Their peer out with dark empty eyes
Windows long gone
and panes cracked and broken

They have stories to tell
Lives that they hold
Terror and Tears
Laughter and Pain
Life and Death
They have seen it all

And though their roofs may be sunken
and their doors broken off
the walls, up right or not
hold on 
hold on to the Breath of Life
that once filled it's space

And when we pass
We can remember with them
We can ponder and dream of the lives they once held
We can see children spilling out
and mamma hanging up the washing
Daddy going out to the pasture with the dog, not far behind.

These memories...golden memories still enrich the lives
of those who take notice.

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Love and Light


  1. I love this. I feel that way each time I pass a empty home (there are lots on the prairies) I am filled with sacred wonder, A pull guiding to the past and the future, a past wisdom, and gratitude for the life spilling out of my doors now. Thanks for the beauty in this post.

  2. I always grieve when a building is torn down. Most buildings were built with hope and as a treasure, to someone. This has inspired me...thank you.

  3. Beautiful! These photos are haunting. Every time I see an abandoned house there's something inside of me that makes me want to adopt the house and I envision myself renovating it and making it new again! It's almost as if I think of the house as a person and wonder how anyone could ever think to abandon it.

  4. I LOVE this post!
    An Australian blogger whom I follow does an Abandoned series also and I love reading her posts and seeing her photos.

  5. Love this. Love that we have the opportunity to create love and harmony in our homes which will resonate and echo long after we are gone.
    Such a great way to look at what we sew into the very fabric of our homes...

  6. yes, always your photos are amazing and your words provoke thought.....I have a vision of what our 'home' looks like... so easy to forget that and deviate from the vision. and I love Sammy's comment here.


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