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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Out of the Silence...

A portrait of me
immersed in my Silence...
unrelenting Silence
where I hear my secret thoughts 
and those of Whom created me

Many things to share
and even more 
to hold on too
deep within me
valuable perhaps
only to me.
For myself...
I pass into my season
of nakedness and vulnerability
Exposed to the moon
I reflect her pure Light
I have come Home
to my Woods
And I will remain here
Until Spring and New Life appear

Love and Light


  1. Well done on your silence - I'm unsure if I could do it - my mind is too busy and I don't like where it goes

  2. Lovely Cat.

    I like how you said you here the thoughts of the One who made you. - That's beautiful. ♥


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