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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Sisters of Light

It is what we have decided to call ourselves...
"Sisters of Light"

6 women who shared a spiritually moving weekend 
One that impacted us deeply and opened our hearts to big possibilities.
We wanted to stay in that Light we were exposed to...and so we decided to do something about it.

We are Evolutionary Sisters.
A concept taken from The Feminine Power course.
We come together every second week, as like-minded women, who have taken a stand for the abundance in our lives, and the lives of those around us. We are a team of diverse women standing together, extending care, encouragement, and joining with each other doing the work.

We believe that we cannot become ourselves by ourselves. We need to be together, deeply connected in co-creative, interdependent ways of being and knowing. We are more than cheerleaders and supporters, we are partners.

 North American culture values autonomy and independence. This creates a society of isolated individuals who are alone in both their personal work and in their process of really creating the things that they yearn for.
We are created for relationship.
It is in relationship that we will find the fulfillment of our deepest desires...and only there.
This Truth is beyond us.
This a Truth that is stitched with in us on a cellular level, a spiritual level....on levels that we have no control of.
It is a level where The Creators signature is found.

"So, if you are not connected, if you're not open, if you're not extended, if you're in a false centre in your relationship with others, and you're contracted and disconnected because you don't really want to be seen, because you have a mistrust about others, or you have a sense that somehow you would be able to do it by yourself, you literally don't have enough power to be able to grow yourself in those ways that are going to matter, or enough openings to actually receive the support you would need to be taking on something as big as your destiny." ~(taken from session 4 transcript of the Feminine Power course)

We move past the "Girlfriend" Stage.
~Where the goal of relations is comfort as Evolutionary sisters the goal of relationship is growth and evolution.
~As Girlfriends we are motivated to feel safe, contained and secure...for Evolutionary Sisters we recognize our interdependence, and the motivation for relationships is authentic. We focus on the care in service to greater development and mutual empowerment.
~Girlfriends tend to bond over shared victimization...As a Evolutionary Sister you bond inside a commitment to a mutual growth, and empowerment.
~Girlfriends affirm each other's self image...Evolutionary Sisters reflect things outside of the current awareness
~Girlfriends validate emotions as true without challenging assumptions...while Evolutionary Sisters inquire and challenge meanings being made, and invite a more objective perspective.
~ With a Girlfriend there is a certainty of what is happening...but Evolutionary Sisters remain curious and open; holding space for what is not yet known and what lies in the unimagined...holding space for the Spiritual...for God.
~A Girlfriend tends to see things from one perspective...An Evolutionary Sister engages things from multiple perspectives.
~Girlfriends tend to avoid difficult conversations...It is an Evolutionary Sisters duty to engage in difficult conversations in order to keep a clear field and deepen the connection.
~Many times a Girlfriend will enable bad behaviour...Evolutionary Sisters hold each other accountable to act from our strengths and in integrity with the future we are committed to creating. (descriptions paraphrased from The Feminine Power course.)

Maybe reading the list, you already see where you have taken a few close to you and brought your relationship to that next a deeper level of connection and openness.
Or maybe through this list you see what it is you have been seeking...

We are women who are of different ages, of different status, of different families, and of different back grounds...but we share the desire to grow in and of the Spiritual Divine.
Our hearts desire is to assist each other in moving past that which holds us back, to help each other become"unstuck". We are committed to holding each others vision, lifting each other up and reflecting back the truth.
We stay away from blame or finger pointing.
We do not allow gossip or negative talk of ourselves or of others.
We take responsibility of our lives and each other, in a deep, loving, sisterly way that always puts The Vision first.
We are not afraid to voice the Truth.

I am blessed by these women, my Sisters of Light, and grateful that God has placed them in my life....among the other amazing evolutionary sisters that make up my community.

Who do you see as a Sister of Light in your life?

Love and Light


  1. How beautiful, Cat. So many of the women I evolve with are here online, and many are scattered around the country and the globe. Here, locally there is a special group that I know only individually: I would love to gather them together!


  2. It sounds like you guys are doing something really good. I honestly have a hard time opening up to women in real life, that's why my blog has been such a nice outlet for me. I'm thankful for my mom, my sister, and my sister-in-law. There the women in my life that I can trust.

  3. I like the phrase 'become unstuck'

  4. I love this so much I am reading it to my ladies group today. This is exactly what we are!
    Thanks for this;)

  5. this is beautiful. it makes me think of something we recently talked about in my social psychology class. collectivist vs. individualist cultures. Westerners tend towards the individualistic culture. valuing independence, etc. Easterners (Japanese, Chinese, etc) are more collectivistic. but i think that North Americans have a lot we can learn from those collectivistic cultures. we're not made to be alone. we are meant to grow with others, supporting each other, living together. in community. i'm really glad you have found such a wonderful community. not many people have that.

  6. Beautiful Cat. This is so powerful. Thank you for sharing xxx

  7. This was powerful for me. Thank you Sister. The pictures of the weekend retreat bring back the warm powerful spiritual experience we shared. The rainbow picture yet again reminded me of the Awe I felt as it came into view just after we had thrown our rocks of suffering and remained just long enough to get a picture.

    A Sister living in Light

    Expecting Great Blessings and Experiencing the Awe

    Extending Blessings to All


  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE that you have this, Cat! How absolutely wonderful! I have to tell you I drooled a little while reading this Sisterhood post.. ha! In a good and want way ;)

    Looking forward to hearing more with your sisters and your journey together!

    I have to say this is a great longing of mine... Papa knows. I bring it to Him very often :) <3

  9. This sounds so beautiful. So happy to know that you have this. Amazing!

  10. As ever, speaking truth.

    Looking back over the course of my years I KNOW I have been blessed in every place with at least one other like-minded and like-goaled soul to grow with. Now, so much of that community began as online relationship and has moved into very real and very personal communication. It's a beautiful thing.


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