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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

inside out...

there are many sides 
to every story 
through  personal realities
what was important 
what hurt 
what brought joy
what awoke sadness
what touched those deep secret places
one side of the gate looks different
then the other
each side as pleasing as the other
 some long to be on the inside of the gate
while others fit better on the outside
to every rule there is 
an exception
all things laid in stone
can and probably will be
chiseled  away
torn down
or blown apart
at one point or another
everything moves
nothing stays the same

I don't believe in One Way
I believe in many ways
that lead to One place
is filled with
and no one knows more than the other
we all stumble through life
longing to feel whole
seeking to belong
hoping to find "home"
and each path we choose
is personal to our life experience
each decision made 
based on what lives in our hearts

each path unique to those who walk it
this is the gift of Love
in this thought
Grace lives
and thrives
when I see all the diversity in Mother Earth
I know diversity to be a truth
when I think of the variety of roads I have traveled
to get where I am in this moment
I know variety to be a truth 
and when I stop and think of 
every breath
every tear
every smile
every laugh
I know we have barely scratched the surface
of the vastness
of the
from which we come

no snow flake the same
yet nothing new under heaven
no light without darkness
and it is in the darkness 
we find our light
life out of ashes
and beauty in death

I don't believe in One Way
I believe in many ways 
a place where
we all shine

Love and Light


  1. Me too. Me too. This is lovely, sacred, full of truth and poetry. I am so blessed to know you and call you friend. I hope we meet someday soon:) All of us whom support each other in our home of hearts.

  2. I believe in many ways too and how freeing it is to finally allow myself to believe it with all of my heart and my soul. such a beautiful post. just read it a second xoxoxo ps.the pictures took my breath away. The second picture really called out to me. familiar. love that.

  3. wonderfully said!
    and so many expend energy on pushing their Way, instead of enjoying the ride!

    how wonderful to walk our different paths and wave when we spot each other.

  4. I wish everyone could see the many ways: you are a rare bird, Cat :) xoxo A

  5. This is what I needed to read today :) To remember there is no one way, no one right path I am meant to find or follow; rather my journey is to gather all that I come across - or stumble over! - and see the gift, the lessons, the richness of it all. There are so many ways to say and show Love, why limit ourselves? xo

  6. i always love your writing so much. thank you for filling my heart with beautiful thoughts to ponder on today. <3

  7. Your photos always take my breath away. And your writing is just as beautiful. *love*
    Catherine Denton

  8. there is such generosity and steadfast-of-heart in all you speak of - thank you. xo


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