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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Lost Prayers Found...

Last year
following our first
one of our sisters
was given the gift
of an amazing
wishing/prayer amulet

Her sister in law had given her one 
during a visit home to Quebec immediately
following our retreat.
It was the chosen jewelry piece, of that year,
raising funds for breast cancer...

After the weekend we had just shared together
she could not resist buying us each one
and we were all thrilled...

Inside was a piece of paper on which you could write 
your dreams
your prayers
your wishes
which I did so
in fact I added another piece of paper to mine...
I treasured it
was honoured to  wear it
loved all it represented
I lost it

I was so sad
but at the same time I trusted that there was a purpose
behind this loss
My sister tried to hunt another one down for me
but to no avail
and I had all but given up on it and fall turned to winter
and the amulet became a treasured memory.
as with all stories of loss
something came back to me
while digging in my herb garden this past week
I found it!
One of the pieces of papers was missing
but the other was there in relative could condition
surviving the long, cold wet winter...

It all struck me
when I reflected on my "winter"
not only the earth season, but the spiritual season of winter that I had walked through
and I felt that there was no accident in that they would return to me
at this time
not that they had ever left
but that they would come back in the physical sense
during this new season
and also
that they would come back to me when I need a sign of Hope
such a gift

It was such a symbol to me that sometimes things need to be buried away
in the sense that there
 is a time for hibernation
a time for marination
a time for stillness
a time for exposure
a time for letting go
a time to just be and nothing else
a time for winter

Now in the season of Spring
my prayers are back around my neck
new ones will be added
old ones have been answered
a new paper will be placed inside
reflecting this new Season
that is blooming 
with in me

What is blooming inside of you sweet sisters?
Love and Light


  1. how beautiful! and now what a lovely addition to the history of this piece, your prayers and the journey. so happy you found it, especially after the difficult days you've experienced recently.

    sending love and hugs.

  2. I love how you lost and then found it - and your reflections of the season in between. Such a wonderful idea for a jewellery piece! xoxo

  3. Oh yay. What beauty, I love that jewelry idea too. I am so glad some hope came. whispering peace.

  4. So great that you found it - in the garden of all places, all that digging and sowing.
    A time for so much more....

  5. there are no coincidences. I'm going to stop saying "isn't that strange?" because it all makes sense in the big picture. love that you found it again. i've never seen something like that. what a wonderful idea. xoxoxo

  6. i love this so much! i wish i had one. it's so perfect and beautiful. i wonder if i could find something similar. i love that it returned to you as you entered your Spring. i'm in Winter right now; this place: "a time for hibernation, a time for marination, a time for stillness, a time for exposure, a time for letting go, a time to just be and nothing else". which is why i've been noticeably absent from the blogosphere recently. i'm in a very quiet place. i was texting rain yesterday and telling her that i was hoping to find a day where i could just get away for a while...i need clarity about some things...there are so many questions without answers. anyway, thanks for sharing this beautiful encouragement! so much love.

  7. I love that our lives.bodies are synced with the larger cycling.
    I am blooming into acceptance of both/and. That sounds more bright and shiny than it really is, because sometimes this 'blooming' is weighty and murky.

  8. I love it Cat and I am still in awe of this whole process and journey. I too lost a very special piece of jewellery last year. Four years ago, my mother gave me her first wedding band. After their 10 year wedding anniversary, my father bought her a wedding ring and so she wasn't wearing her wedding band anymore. And this simple gold wedding band met a lot to me. When my father died last year, the wedding band went missing. I was SO upset. But a few weeks ago, through the process of demolishing our ensuite, my contractor found it. I couldn't believe it. So, I feel totally blessed to have it back.
    I am blooming into more and more trust...all is well.


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