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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Mother's Day...honouring the sadness

I have a lot to say about Mothers
I am one
I have five of my own

before I talk about that
I want
I believe
I need
 to honour The Sadness
that has been in my heart this past week
I am clear about the big picture
I am willing to let go
and in the silence of retreat
I heard the words
"it is okay to be sad...
your son has left home
and you are sad
honour that"

So today
this Mother's Day
I have honoured The Sadness I feel
I have not ignored it
I have not stuffed it down
I have not tucked it away
It is as I am
and we are one

I believe all women are Mothers
with or without children
they are Mothers
and being a Mother
comes with sadness
it is the way of this life

My son came over after work
to hug him
to look at him
to hear his voice
to have him sit next to me
is enough
I will miss knowing his is tucked in his bed  downstairs every night
and I will miss putting the puppy prince in his room every morning to wake him up
I will miss our impromptu singing sessions
and I will miss him lying in my bed when I am reading telling me what has been going on in his life
I will miss the day to day
with him

in the end
this is what is right
this is our right now
our right now is filled with love
our right now is built on 18 years
our right now
is enough
to all who understand sadness this day
walk with me
as we honour that
let us lift our hands high
as we let it go
let the Wind carry it away
let us thank it for being a part of our experience
let us see it as a reflection of our love
and then
let us hold fast to one another
standing tall
standing strong
for we are Mothers...

Love and Light


  1. sending much love and honor.

  2. I feel this and feel for you. Lovely soul eyes, Sitting with you. xoxo

  3. Beautiful. I love this honoring. There are so many mother in spirit but with empty arms and this post honors them. Thank you lovely Cat xxx

  4. thinking of you Cat as you miss him and a new chapter in your lives starts. May it come about to bring a new kind of joy and enjoyment of his company. love,

  5. xoxo
    I left home at 18 and barely even said goodbye to my parents (actually I'm pretty sure I didn't!) it wasnt in a bad situation, I just really had no idea what it meant to Mum to have her first baby leave home! so clueless..
    much love to you my friend.

  6. so much love, so much strength and wisdom in this post. love you xoxoxo

  7. Such a beautiful expression here Cat.
    You are doing so well friend.
    I'm more than sure that God is saying:
    "well done GOOD and FAITHFUL servant". You have done well with whom He entrusted into your love and care.


  8. I love you, Cat... was thinking of you yesterday. This 2012 Mother's Day was a hard one for you... precious heart you are. Honoring you as you honor your heart.

  9. I'm resting in your peace and strength-of-sadness right now. I am wrestling through some of my own 'mothering' struggles, and appreciate that I can just lean in.
    Thank you. xo

  10. You are right, all women are mothers. sending you hugs and blessings as you honor yourself today and the ebb and flow of your emotions.

  11. Ahhh....yes the sadness. A change that happened too fast and the feeling of emptiness. What amazing wisdom you have to embrace the sadness....I so resisted not realizing what I felt was perfectly normal as I experienced a loss of the familiar.

    Today when I experience that sadness for loss of familiar times, yes I still feel the loss but I remind myself that I have been blessed and my memories remind me of this.

    My journey with my 7 daughters has been varied....some left joyfully to expand and others left on a bad note (time has shown me this was something that had to be and growth was needed by both of us )....either way I felt the pangs of loss.

    Some have returned for periods of time usually in need and as a Mother I hurt for them but these times have transformed and relationships grown and blossomed into something different and more beautiful. My gratefulness/greatfulness for the present has become more intensified as I know it is a season...I know I will continue to savour both sweetbitter, sweetbitter, sweetbitter.....yeah we can't have one with out the other

    At my step grandson's baptism I heard the words....raise them to leave.

    We have done our best to teach them to fly and been rewarded with warm loving memories.

    What a glorious gift/task we as mothers have been granted.

    My warmest blessings of acceptance and peace to you

    And gratitude for your continued shared wisdom

    You are a messenger

    Your Sister of Light

  12. Your description of the every day things you are missing made me very sad and its important to grieve...but also so glad to see your strength in your sadness my friend.


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