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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Wisdom Club discusses The White Masia

Last week Friday my book club gathered together
to discuss 

The Wisdom Club is a group of 12 diverse woman
ranging form their thirties- sixties
they are amazing women
that I am honoured and privileged to gather with 
every two months or so

We alternate between fiction and non fictions
to keep it interesting 
and focus on reading books
that specifically pertain to the lives
and growth 
of women

as there usually is when women gather...
there is great conversation

and even better food ...

this non-fiction book gave us a lot to talk about
and the group teetered between feeling that author was a complete *whack job* (love you Claire)

and the feeling of awe that she lived this incredible life 
-even though it did not last-
for a love she felt was worth giving her whole world up for

The White Masai is a story about a woman who goes to Kenya on a vacation with he then  fiance.
While there she meets and falls in love with an African warrior.

"At long last we get on board, and then the unimaginable happens. Marco says, "Corinne, look over there, on the other side, thats a Masai!" "Where?" I ask, and look where he is pointing. And then it's as if I've been struck by lightening. A tall, dark brown, beautiful man lounging on the quayside looking at us, the only white people in the throng, with dark eyes. My God, he's beautiful, more beautiful than anyone I've ever seen." pg 2

The book covers almost 4 years of Corrine leaving all she knows in Switzerland and going back to Kenya to find her warrior. Whom she subsequently lives with, marries and has a child with.

The book is a little wordy, but a fascinating story.
I was torn at, times wondering how she could be so completely naive,
and yet other times I was in complete awe of her tenacity and her commitment to attaining what she wanted.

I don't think I could have gone the lengths that she could, leaving a home of comforts to live in a dung hut...mmmm
probably not
but I am glad she did as I was able to read of her adventure 
and live vicariously 
through her story.

There became an element of abuse that transpired between her and her husband over time; and this was a topic of great concerned with many of the women in the group.
I think for myself, knowing the out come from reading the book enabled me to be not so focused on that aspect. Though in saying that , there was a very valid concern and reflection.

I felt, as some other's did in our group, that for whatever reason this was her life path.
She saw something she wanted and she pursued it.
Now in the end
as everything
unless the parties involved are working towards a mutual goal
things eventually will deteriorate and fall apart,
as was the case for Corinne and her African Warrior.

I could definitely relate to her desire though,
having been struck by lightening a few times myself
Has that ever happened to you?
You seen something or someone and felt an instant connection
feeling like if you don't connect with "it" 
something inside you will die?
It is an amazing sensation.

So I would recommend this book for an 
fascinating read.
I don't think it will remain on my shelf forever.
I have a feeling I will be passing it on.
But I am glad it came to visit : )


Love and Light


  1. Love that you do the book group. I think my next one will be in the fall. I am needing breathing space:)

  2. You got me wanting to read it now.. love interesting novels like this.
    I love your Wisdom Club... you have inspired to be be open to my own. How absolutely special! I long for it.

    Love you!

  3. I think it would be interesting to get her perspective on how she had to adjust to his culture! Two EXTREME differences. Communication? Language? Interesting. And children? Is that their child on the cover? What happened????

  4. I noticed on your profile page your list of blogs... I know I went thru a privacy thing but I trust those who are your friends so you can put it on if you so desire. I told my hubby you guys may be visiting this year and he was excited. He even said, too bad glynis can't join...;)

  5. that's definitely a book I'd like to read. I'm going to check out the library in the next few days and see if they have it. yes, I've been stirred and shaken by instant connection as you know. ;) xoxoo
    oh Kmarie, i see my name! yes, I wish I could be there too!!!xoxo


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