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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Keeping it Real

Keeping it Real with the lovely

Every Friday 
Monica invites her readers to
"Share your own ups-downs, lows-highs, hits-misses, dark-light,
peaks-valleys, plus-minuses,
as we keep the blogosphere real."

The Ebb:

~time stretched, demands not met easily
~the feeling of "overwhelmed" visited a little too much
~the rains that would not stop
~missing my favorite yoga class


~finding a robins nest behind the shed...
(complete with mama, papa and eggs)
~planting the rest of my flowers
~getting some more ink work done
~facilitating a brand new workshop
with a sister

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"Connection begins with self" ~ CB

Love and Light

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  1. overwhelm is something isn't it?

    (if you change .ca to com on the link to me it'll work)


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