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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

beyond the blood...late night journal

I have been fooled by the Immediate
Tricked by the Obvious
Distracted by the Initial

Like the maiden swept off her feet
I've been carried away by Romance
Intoxicated by Fancy and
Smitten with Flattery

I've seen the blood and been afraid
Heard the screams and was gripped by Terror
Felt the cold hand of Darkness creep in
leaving me
frozen in my wake

I now know
Beyond the Immediate lys my Future
Past the Obvious awaits the Mystery
And on the other side of Initial
there is what comes next

Now as a Woman
my feet are firmly planted
I am carried away by Wonder
I am intoxicated with Love
I am smitten in Grace

I've seen the blood and know the soul remains
Heard the screams and know they are battle cries 
calling out in victory
Felt the cold hands of Darkness and let them embrace me
as I embrace them back
letting them know
they will be alright

I have learned to walk in the twilight of morning
and there I find my strength
Seeing beyond the immediate
I see what I am truly made of
I see the woman I was born to be
No longer a captive of Blue Beard
I find my strengths in my weakness'
I find my truth in the lys
I find my Womanhood in the Catastrophes of Life

I am woman
Let me do what it is I do

What are you, no longer, a captive of my lovelies? or
What is it you are trying to break free from?

Love and Light
by Catherine Beerda-Basso
copy right April 2012


  1. Cat.Cat.Cat. omg. this blew my soul wide open. yup it totally did. what am I trying to break free of? another lifetime. and I'm on my way. synchronicity at work sister. i listened to a song which delivered a strong message to me and then I read this post of yours. both these things showed me that I have to break free. the time is right and it's very very scary. love you xxoxo

  2. this post is unbelievable, and that image of you? mesmerizing. it would make a marvelous poster-portrait. did you take the first image also? it moves me deeply, the light and the fog and the water and all nuanced elements. stunning.

    1. all images posted on this blog are either taken by my husband or myself (unless other wise indicated)...thanks Rain
      love that it speaks to you ♥

  3. mmmm ... love this line "Now as a Woman"
    It says everything.
    I am trying to break free of all the rigorous thought-life and step fully into my gut-knowings.

  4. It always makes me happy to find blogs writing poetry. "heart songs" is definitely the right label for this kind and honest expression.

  5. i guess i'm still trying to break free from fear of the future. this summer is still so daunting to me. i'm also very sad right now...just said goodbye to my gf as she leave to head back to NJ for the summer. i don't know. i guess i don't have many words right now...just lots of flooding feelings. sorry...this doesn't really fit in with your post? :P which was beautiful, as usual.

  6. Absolutely gorgeous photos Cat. I love your photography!

  7. Perfect Timing, as I am in a Season of breaking free. Letting the olden fall away and taking in the Lessons. Tracing the lines back to the source and then accepting the Reason. The "why" to let lose the grip of Fear. Crippling,which truly there is no need. Embrace the Strength.
    As ever, Your words...reach a deep chord inside of mine Self and strum like a light. Hard to translate how Your Wisdom resonates.
    Plants seeds of Hope.
    I often think of You, thankful You found me on mine blog and simply, reached. Thank You. Love to You & Yours.

  8. Beautiful, beautiful. Self-evaluative but universally truthful.
    I'm so sorry I'll be away for your workshop - I know it will be magical!


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