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Monday, 7 May 2012

Monday Offerings...image and song

a song
given to me this morning...

images taken
in the yesterday

Love and Light
holding each of you up today...


  1. That's one of my fav songs :) Beautiful and stirring and those photos?? wow. What an amazing mood you've created. I feel all warm and tingly listening and looking.. thank you for this offering xoxo

  2. Love the freckles:) Lovely. Have a sunshiny day!

  3. Mmmmm... loving the melody this afternoon.... gorgeous beauty you have captured, Cat! Love love!

  4. I love how they sang me to now, to this moment and this breath.
    and your pictures ... <3 ... his freckles are divine.

  5. Your photos capture so much emotion and beauty. Love.

  6. Love the song, and these pics take my breath away, especially the "dandelion blowing".....tis the season for magical wishes made on dandelions.

  7. Beautiful song! It fits right in with a book that I am reading now. It's 'A New Harmony' by John Philip Newell.
    Your photos are amazing. I love the picture of the path. It has so much promise as to what lies ahead.
    I found your inspiring blog through Sixpence and a Blue Moon's lovely blog.
    I just returned to blogging, after a long break. I am starting on a new path and hope to have more time and energy to get back into blogging.

  8. Hey beautiful friend. I love the song and the pictures - the song reminds me that we aren't walking this journey alone, we get wonderful people placed in our lives to walk with us. The photos remind me that what once was a horrible place, God can make incredibly beautiful. Thinking of you today...


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