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Sunday, 12 February 2012

This Week...

This week I offer thanks for abundance...

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables to eat
Nourishment for Heart and Soul
Fuel for Body
A Body that allows me
to move
to make
to celebrate
A Body
My Temple

This week I offers thanks for emotions

Emotions that are mine
Emotions that make me whole
Emotions that keep my blood warm
My skin moist
My eye open
My hands lifted up

This week I offers thanks for women

for sisters
for fellow travelers
Courageous Souls
Who run with their demons
Dance with their Angels
And Stand in Circle for others

This week I offer thanks for words
for expression
for creativity
for Life...

Tofino, British Columbia, Canada

Mother Ocean offers healing
in the water
We are meant to ebb and flow

All within me 
once hard packed clay
Now emulsified

Tofino, my place for Healing

As I am meant to be
I flow with the tides
Hugging the shores
Dancing in the waves

Tofino...Heaven on Earth
I can be
I can walk on water
I can fly in the wind

My heart wide open
So wide it hurts
And I am alive
I'm alive
and I sing
I sing the Song of Songs
For my Maker
For my Lover
For my Self
I sing...

Love and Light

journeying into the  West with pixie campbell and my Sisters at SouLodge


  1. O my gosh.. you live by the ocean?? I didn't know this! How beautiful, lovie... gorgeous abundance and loving your gratitude.

  2. Tofino is my sister in laws fav haven too. I have not been there but my auntie lives there. I often find Victoria a healing place to go. Maybe you are right...maybe I need to get a passport and we all do the northern States for a retreat...I think we should start giving it imaginative thought because reality begins with dreams:)

  3. I LOVE your first photo - I've just this moment come inside from harvesting foraging collecting our dinner ingredients from the garden - I am thankful for the abundance in my garden

  4. I am softening too.
    Softening, opening, slowing.
    This girl came to me all hard-packed, fists-tight, heart-petrified.
    Somehow, she and I, are crying our way, fury-ing our way, receiving our way out, out, out into the Earth, into my skin, my self.
    Love to you.


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