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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Hanna House Follow-up & The Winners!!!

This is phases one of Hanna House...

These are some of our prints in Hanna House...

the counsellors offices...

the administration office...

the doctors office...

the common areas...

the bedrooms

All those beautiful quilts were donated as well...
aren't they gorgeous?
People are good
it is unfortunate that we don't hear enough about that...

So with that project done
I want to announce the winners
to my Love-Print Giveaway

I of course employed my willing assistant...

He loves doing this....

A creative Soul Sister from SouLodge

The funny and talented

And last but not least
a first time commenter 
Meg from Growing up

Thanks to all of you who entered
wish we could give you all one!

So if you three could email me
before Feb. 29th with your: 
mailing address
the print you would like
and the size of print
that would be great.
(click above, on email me)

If anyone is interested in purchasing a print
you can convo me here.

I hope these prints will bless you as much
as I know they are blessing those at Hanna House.

Love and Light


  1. Oh they look so great!!! And those quilts are amazing!! Congrats to the winners, and thanks for sharing these pics of Hanna House with us Cat :)

  2. *squeal* look at those gorgeous quilts on the bed! I LOVE them and the fact they were donated - all is good - and that foot/boot print - I'm emailing you NOW

  3. Wonderful. Congrats to the winners. My favourite sequence in the house is the three above that one couch. Although all rooms are beautiful. So how do they find the women tenants? WHat is that process like. Would love to here more in the future!:)

    1. Hey Kmarie
      To answer your questions, the women come willingly into the program. It is run by Innervisions and is an intensive 60 day recovery program. Rules must be followed or the client is asked to leave immediately. For success there must be strict boundaries.This is where they get clean and get daily counsel to help figure out what brought them to this place. From this facility each woman can go into a transition home where she can remain for up to 2 years.
      here is a newspaper article about the founder:

      thanks for the interest K
      i appreciate it
      love and light

  4. oh Cat, your photography looks lovely in the rooms. And the house looks beautiful too!

  5. You've filled that home with passion, adventure, beauty - it's like you will be helping to hold them all of the time. They will feel you Cat, they will.

  6. Beeeeeautiful!!! Goosebumps seeing all your heart captures on that amazing outreach to women! I am so elated!
    Congrats to all the winners!!

    Loves.. Amy

  7. OK, so totally MISSED the giveaway - but happy for the winners (including friend Meg :)
    Your photographs look wonderful. The quilts are gorgeous. What a wonderful environment!!

  8. Thank you, Cat!! I'm so excited.

    The house looks so incredibly inviting. Your prints with the quilts give it a cozy feel. I'm happy for these women who are going to be cared for in such a precious way.
    Catherine Denton

  9. Your prints look beautiful in those spaces! Thank you for the generous giveaway too! So so delighted!


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