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Friday, 29 June 2012

Keeping it Real...

Keeping it Real with the lovely

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The Ebb and The Flow

this past week these two entities have intertwined
such a thin delicate thread separated them
it was difficult to tell them apart
a week of commune as friends stayed with us
as there new home underwent renovations
they brought the pitter patter of little feet
 a little girl voice
sweet smiles and shy looks
and I was reminded, once again,
 of how 
though I love the solitude
I equally love and embrace a full house
a reminder of a life gone by
a childhood home full of noise and activity
an open door where visitors and lodgers where welcome
were ebb and flow lived out loud
a day with a soul sister did my heart good
speaking of deep things
life and death
communications with God
hopes & dreams
laughter & tears
personal reflections
wine down by the river
a visit to a most peculiar village
(more images found here)
and the freedom to express with no thought of judgment
as the ebb and flow danced in the grass
and sparkled in the sun
bear cubs in the trees
there has been a mama living in the ravine with her 3 cubs
for the most part they have kept
to themselves
but as the cubs grew
so did their perimeter
so when they all found themselves
trapped up a tree
by a busy road side
precautions had to be taken
for the wild and civilization
have their own unique version
of ebb and flow...
a delicate dance
between the two
(they were tranquilized and moved to a safer location in the mountians)
more work was done on my tattoo

colour and snowflakes 
will be put in  sometime in August
it was another 3 hours of being under the needle
this was a moving session
I went into a deep meditative state
this tattoo is changing me
growing me
I am unable to put to words
at this time
what it all means to me...
the ebb takes me
as the flow leads the way

I have found myself in a deep place of spiritual reflections
a deep contentment in the path I am on
Gods hands unfolding truths within
as I watch in wonderment
embracing this time of break
break from school
break from the norm
break from schedule
this is quiet now in this space
as I enjoy the month to come

we are parking our little travel trailer
for the month
by a creek in the forest 
right off the beaten path
we will be commuting back and forth
while we enjoy the presence of summer
I look forward to this time with my youngest
and letting the summer sun warm my bones
and freckle my body
something awaits me there
I am not sure what
perhaps the completion of my book
perhaps the birth of something new
perhaps more unveiling of my life purpose
whatever it is
the flow carries me
and I feel a deep peace
I end with this quote
posted by a dear soul
and sister-friend

"Come, come, whoever you are. 
Wanderer, worshipper, lover of living, it doesn’t matter 
Ours is not a caravan of despair. 
Come even if you have broken your vow a thousand times, 
Come, yet again, come, come."

 ~ Rumi and His Sufi Path of Love

"Ours is not a caravan of despair"
my Lovelies,
is the caravan of Life

Love and Light 

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  1. all of this so beautiful. I got a breathless gasp of recognition of your photo of the village. wow. your tat is looking amazing! wishing you beautiful times and wonderful openings at your creek in the forest. I feel such calm surrounding it. xoxo

  2. Looks great! I love the pitter patter too and the ebb and flow of a busy home:) Something soothing there. You know- I only ever know if it is friday or monday by your regular posts. It always takes me off guard "Oh friday already- cat is doing ebb and flow" or Oh its' monday? It's Cat's reflections. My days of the week melt into a pot- the one bad thing about not having kids in scheduled events or school ever...and a hubby whose job has weekend hours often or whacky days on and off:) I hope you enjoy your summer time and little break. Loving the life I see:)

  3. wow cat; what a tat! great to read what you've been up to. hope summer brings a regenerating light to your already bright soul and some great memories with your family.
    love that i can actually comment on this space! thanks for faithfully visiting mine;)

  4. Cat, I love reading your thoughts. You present them in such a poetic way like a song. Every time you express your gratitude towards life, I also feel one step closer to life.I love your tatoo, it is so dynamic yet graceful-the tree of life -I guess. Would love to learn its inherent meaning one day.
    I just feel peace within while reading your thoughts.Keep it up.

    1. Wanted to add: saw the village photos just now, it is a very interesting place-a village on waters and quite unique wooden houses. It has an old world charm.
      take care,

  5. Thank you so much for your beautiful story here,just what I needed this morning to wake up to, I'm going to read it again with my second cup of tea :~) x

  6. beautiful beautiful things. the tat is looking amazing with that filling-in.
    the soul sister talks and connections,love it.

    and this week, i know that thin thin veil between ebb and flow....


  7. O my gosh your TREE!!!!!

    Gorgeous. I LOVE It!!

  8. "and the freedom to express with no thought of judgment
    as the ebb and flow danced in the grass
    and sparkled in the sun" my dream come true!
    Your tat is amazing, AMAZING!

  9. That little girl is precious! I'm so glad you're getting time to meditate and step away from the normal routine. Your tattoo continues to look beautiful.
    Catherine Denton

  10. I felt a real peace reading through this. I feel your hope and confidence in life ... so beautiful and over-flowing. Can you feel my peace flowing back to you as you set off on your summer adventure? I hope so ...


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