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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Monday Offering...Summer Time Views and Gratitude Prayers

My Summer Prayer
Guide me Mother
Protect me Father 
Remind me who I am
Open my heart To Your Love and Light
Keep Grace and Understanding
close by my side
Let me be slow to anger
Qucik to Joy
Help me see what I need to see
Help me learn what I need to learn
Help me be what I need to be
Speak to me
Guide me
Mold me
Make me
be my constant companion
as I walk this toad
Whisper your Wisdom
in my ears
Radiate your love
all around
And above all
Bask me in your 
Infinite Joy

May this Life reflect
All that You are
Great Spirit
The Great I AM
May it reflect your 
Abundant Love -your
Abundant Wisdom -your
Abundant Understanding

For without You
I am nothing
Without You
I am lost in the Abyss
Without You
I am not Me

I am grateful for this time
I am grateful for this space
I am grateful for Strength
I am grateful for Truth
I am grateful for Love
I am grateful and
I am willing to be used
by You

And so it is

(morning meditations by the fire)

This is
our home away from home
for the next month
the rains fell this weekend
but held off enough
for us to get 
The GordLord
(our travel trailer)
up to our creek side spot
in the wood...

Happy Long Weekend Canada!

Love and Light


  1. Can't believe Gail is going to be there with you soon! She's back here right now, got to see her today and she is pumped to be getting to meet you... just WISH I could come too

  2. You are staying in such a beautiful place right now, I am longing to go there as I love the forests/woods more than anything else, I prefer the woods to sea:-)
    happy weekend !

  3. Looks great...good catch Aiden!

  4. Loved the Canada Day weekend! Love this country. You look like you are making the most of it:)

  5. oh I wish I was there with you to just sit around the campfire share coffee and chat
    just one cat to another
    love and light

  6. I join you with gratitude in my heart, as your prayer, mine too!

    Have a lovely time by the creek. x


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