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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Grateful for failure....

and for all the rest of my days
and beyond
I will forever be grateful
in debted


"There are times is life
when Failure
is exactly
what we
For it is in Failure
we find
Real Life...
we find
our hearts."

What has failed in your life lately...and by doing so
brought you life?

Love and Light


  1. I fail to see the both/and throughout the day - causing a rigid severity to rise up and I start judging right vs. wrong - ahhh, yes, here I am again. :)
    And so I am finally seeing the impossible mountain I've tried to climb {to sit at the feet of linear perfection} for what it really is.
    And now I laugh more and cry - both being part of my whole.
    Wonderful day of celebrating to you and your family, Cat - especially to your grad!

  2. I celebrate this "failure" with you!!!


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