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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Ode to Little Miss SunShine...

packages in the mail
are just the best
(well honestly anything that come via the mail box is a treat to me)

especially those from a special lady
named Allison
over at

Allison truly carries a piece of the Sun with in her
this come out in her many creations...
in leather,

these are the hawk wing cuffs
that she crafted for me
one for myself
one for a bestie


"Hawks are visionaries and messengers. As a totem they help to open the higher chakras so that we may hear and see the visions and messages that Spirit and the Universe are always sending our way. There is never a moment when the Universe is not trying to get a message through to us but we are so often too busy or unaware of what it is we need to be watching for! Hawk helps us to not only be aware that we are receiving a message but how to interpret them. The realm of symbols is also the realm of Hawk for Hawk is able to soar high above the earth to soar on the breath of Spirit, to commune with Spirit and thus understand through the intuitive level what the message means and with their keen eyesight, how to implement it once they return to earth through seeing the broader picture below.
Many of the messages Hawk may bring are about freeing yourself of thoughts and beliefs that are limiting your ability to soar above your life and gain a greater perspective. If one remains earthbound, then the possibilities of life are limited! It is this ability to soar high above to catch a glimpse of the bigger picture that is one of the aspects of Hawk medicine that makes it so valuable.'

(info found here)

One of my greatest joys of this community
is finding talented women who walk deep within their craft
pouring soul and spirit into their art
and then offering it up to others 
who can bask in it glow...

Miss Sunny
you are a true gem
a bright warm light in this world
thank you for sharing you gifts
I wear your cuff with great pride

too my readers...
take the time to visit Little Miss SunShine herself 
her art
her expression
will astound you

everyone could use a little
in their life

Love and Light


  1. the cuff is really stunning!
    I needed to read about Hawk this morning, thank you for sharing.

  2. I love it! Going over to check out the site:)

  3. Smiling hair to toes over here :)


  4. That cuff is incredible! Such talent (looks great on you!)

  5. OH how gorgeous! And I see yummy smells too!!! :)

    Will click over and see her!

    I had never read that about hawks before... I keep seeing them here alot. That message was so good to read this morning. :))

    What a precious gift!

  6. so unique and detailed!

    and i love your rings! i'm a ring girl. :D

  7. Packages are indeed the Best. Such a gorgeous gift! Hawk.
    You are so truly Blessed.


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