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Thursday, 7 June 2012

God is good?

God is Good...

as opposed to what...
when God is bad?
I have been pondering that "comment" 
God is good
these days
and upon watching the following video
I have pondered further...

(Rob Bell is a Christian Pastor who challenges the churches view of God
and all things religious
I like him)

about fear
I have decide to "go there" and discuss this here
 For me
God/Goddess IS
Humans have this need 
to put things in boxes
Being brought up in organized religion
I seen this same thing done with God
I had to leave that way of life
in order to undo all preconceived perceptions
undo thought patterns
peal off the layers
and really see
through my own
God given
naked eyes

I don't believe God is good
That word so limits the God I walk with
so again I say
for me
The Source from which I came...
...everywhere everything everyone 
(even if they are not accessing that source)
...with me in every moment
of every day support compass guide
...beyond our human perception
...shifting and shaping all the  time
...never ending every blade of grass every Robin's song the eyes of my jerk of a neighbour the heart of my giving mother the voice of a babies first cry
...and a new mothers tears
...and a barren mother's sorrow the grief of death the suffering of disease the brokenness of betrayal the darkness of depression the confusion of fear


The Source from which we come from
pure Light
pure Love
pure Energy
a pureness hard for us to comprehend in the tarnished world
but there are moments
moments of purity waiting with your name on it
moments of deep connection
waiting for you to plug into
a longing
to be

God is
as you are

and that
my lovelies

Love and Light


  1. somehow there is such comfort in the quiet knowing that GOD IS.

    ... be still and know ...

    something that is Living cannot be black and white, yes?

    much love to you.

  2. Wow. how i loved this and needed this today. xoxo

  3. Uncanny, a friend just spoke about that phrase with me last night. Her mom is dying. on the street and in her bible study people keep offering her the platitude "gOd is good" she says it's empty and one dimensional and they think they are offering a chipper way to be. Instead it just hurts her pain.
    I love the phrase God is. Way more healing... Although in that case I still would probably not even say that but instead, " your pain is legitimate and I can't imagine the intensity." I have not yet experienced a close death so I can't imagine!

    This post on its own was beautiful. I like Rob too. I love his video on breathing;) have you ever read Brian Mclarens book A Generous Orthodoxy? You would love it!!!!

  4. As always Cat your words are genuine and honest. I love that God is love and love beyond our comprehension, beyond our ability to explain and understand. I love that God IS love not that he DOES love but it is who he is all encompassing. xx journey on warrior and princess xx

  5. I always come away breathing easier after I read your words: God is in your writing voice, too :)


  6. I love Rob Bell too and how presents "outside of the box" or outside of religiousness.... I love his analogy of a "song" here. Perfect. Perfect.

    For me "God is Good" is a simple statement of truth.
    Not "good" as in an adjective used to describe God's behaviour.
    But "good" as in a noun. It's who God is - moral and righteous.
    "good" is simple - and sometimes, in my opinion, is helps me relate to God, knowing that Who He is can be simply defined,,. From His goodness comes all those things we crave and desire - love, wisdom, strength, HOPE.... the beauty from ashes... truth, moral, righteous (and from the latter two we can see His anger too). Simple and good. So I like to say "God is Good" - not as a judgement on his behaviour, but as a statement of who he is and what that encompasses.

    Before watching the Rob Bell clip, I also thought of that passage in Exodus where God tells Moses he is "I AM". That, to me, is God in his bigness, GREATNESS and glory. There is no messing with "I AM" and the is no way "I AM" can be boxed into any single definition. God is "I AM". .... and I live in awe and reverence of "I AM" the MAGNITUDE of "I AM" is and can be overwhelming.... the God is Good.... I live and walk, talk, breath.... Him. Everyday.

    Always good to have a few minutes to spare and to read and be thought provoked my friend!
    Put it out there.x

  7. I love how you folded us all closer and closer to the Divine with each word. Inclusion made known through I AM.

  8. Cat....I am new to your blog and I have enjoyed reading it....but THIS....THIS is AMAZING!! Thank you so much for sharing this with us.


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