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Friday, 1 June 2012

Keeping it Real...

Keeping it Real with the lovely

Every Friday 
Monica invites her readers to
"Share your own ups-downs, lows-highs, hits-misses, dark-light,
peaks-valleys, plus-minuses,
as we keep the blogosphere real."

The Ebb:

~embracing Mother Death with in myself
when I let my expectations die I allow new life to grow
~stumbling over the jagged rubble of Mother Hood
~pushing myself through yet another birth canal
~surrendering to the ugliness that lies within
~dying to self


(mamma Robin sitting on her eggs behind our shed)

The Flow:

~Embracing Mother Death within myself
when I let my expectations die I allow new life to grow

~stumbling over the jagged rubble of Mother Hood and
getting to the other side
~coming out of yet another birth canal

(these ducklings are less than 12 hours old, watching them in our "church")
~embracing the ugliness that lies within
so I can see the beauty that lies beyond
~living free


(Papa bringing food for Mama and babies in our back yard)
(all images taken this past week)

This week had been full of death
which turned onto life
revealing to me
the Power of
letting go

~This is our meditation practice as women, calling back the dead and dismembered aspects of ourselves, calling back the dead and dismembered aspects of life itself. The one who re-creates from that which has died is always a double sided archetype. the Creation Mother is always also the Death Mother and vice versa. Because of this dual nature, or double-tasking, the great work before us is to learn to understand what around and about us and what within us must live, and what must die.
Our work is to apprehend the timing of both
to allow what must die to die
and what must live to live."


embracing you today, my lovelies
thank you for being here

Love and Light

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  1. I loved how your ebbs and flows were mirrors. loved that. xoxo

  2. Very lovely pictures and words about motherhood. It seems that the mother's journey is one of letting go...and it doesn't get easier with experience. It encouraging to think that when we let something "die" new life will take its place.

  3. As you mark this week - may you rest and move forward when ready. <3
    "When you learn to let go, you find a tremendous faith in the ground of all things, that which is true before and after all our plans. Everything arises and passes -- this is the true perfection. I found I could trust this." Western Lama quoted in After the Ecstasy the Laundry

  4. Lots of ebbin' and flowin' for you, chicka.. woo wee!!

    Those are not just little waves either... :)

    Beautiful life. beautiful death. What you say is so true..they come from the same place. I like to resist death ALOT and love to embrace life ALOT.. ha ha ha! Practicing stepping into and letting go and not resisiting that which I deem hard...coughcoughdeathcoughcough... :)

  5. you are so brave. so courageous always. <3


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