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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The Late Night Journal

we still have our company
writing time is short
I thought I would pull something 
from the late night journal...

 Death Mother

Let it die
I hear the words
I understand it is part
of the work I do
Great Work
The Creation Mother
The Death Mother
They live inside me
And now
Now is the time of death
allowing what must die 
to die
and then in turn
Creation M0ther can create 
from which has died

The double sided archetype
a two edged sword
In this death
It is hard to see 
Creation Mother
In this darkness
it is difficult to see Her Light
I look but cannot find
I listen but I cannot hear
I don't know what lies ahead
The dark is thick with uncertainty

and yet I know
what needs to be done
I know beauty comes out of ashes
But I am unsure
of how to let something die
that means so much to me

How do I begin to let it go
watch it fall to the ground
broken pieces it becomes
Only You
Only You can help me 
great Spirit
Walk with me in this place
This place of darkness and death
Help me do what it is I must do
Help me see the Great Work
that is mine to do

Protect my Creator Mother heart
and give her peace as she must wait
Wait for her time to soar
Great Spirit
Open my eyes
Open my heart
Open my hands
So I am able to do the Great Work
that I too can be 
Death Mother
that I can be

~Catherine Beerda-Basso
copyright May 2012


There is a season to allow death
even to those things we hold dear
death does not mean loss of something
death means life renewed
as old things rot away
they fertilize that which is new...

To those who are letting go
know that new life always comes after death
hold fast to that truth.

Love and Light

*note: the death I speak of here is not just about the death of a loved one
but also about those things inside of us that se need to let die to move on in our lives
expectations, dreams,perspectives, thought patterns etc.
things that have woven themselves into our psyche 
and yet have no place being there for too long  
their purpose is to be transformed into something more
it can only come to be
when we are willing to allow that transformation happen*


  1. Cat, I can relate to your post. I wrote a post on the subject of death { it is in my blog's right sidebar under the label "death"}. There, I wrote about my feelings on death and you have also conveyed similar feelings through this post. Death is indeed the most difficult concept yet the knowledge of it can help us to see life in a better light !
    I am here reminded of the Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi where he said:
    "it is in dying that we are born to eternal life ".

    Take care,

  2. Hmmmmm. I'm
    Not good with death. At all I think. I understand the theory you are presenting but my heart does not embrace it yet as it fights death. I'm still in denial that it happens all the time. I love your intent and your photos. I hope you enjoy the rest of your company but can still find some solace. You are a treasure. A unique blend that I appreciate;)

  3. Cat-- oh Cat, you KNOW this went straight to my core. The first thing I read this morning, coffee in hand, still in my pjs and crying like crazy as I read. I'm going to share this with my daughter on a day that grief doesn't hold her so tightly. What a wonderful thing to wake up to, this post of yours. I love your gifts, Cat. love you xox

  4. I've been reflecting on the archetypes lately, they are so, so helpful to discern, to guide, and break me open into more.
    "The double sided archetype
    a two edged sword"
    Love these words, reminds me of the line in a poem,
    "I was told once, only,
    in a whisper,
    The blade is so sharp--
    It cuts things together
    --not apart."
    :: "No One Told Me" by David Whyte

  5. I completely understand this death in life that happens. It's truly a never ending cycle. Beautiful and so poetic, lovie...
    I love your prayer.

  6. Your words articulate what has been going on in my own your words often do. A few weeks ago, Raven first brought me this message of letting something die within, so something new could be born. Since then Raven has come to me many times and even in the oddest places. Like you said, it is hard to let something die that is so dear to me. It is good to have others walking this out with me. Thanks for sharing friend!


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