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Monday, 5 March 2012

Monday Offerings...Your Secret Name

I have not read this book yet, though it is on my book shelf...
I do find this video very thought provoking
in the way of how we each see ourselves.

The story we tell ourselves
lives in everything
every thought 
every decision
every breathe we take

My Sister of the Wood writes about it here.

Our Story

what is the story you are telling yourself?
do you know you have the power to free yourself?

My youngest has been loving this song lately
and suggested that today I should post it as an offering
turn it loud sisters
raise your hands
and grab your True story
it is yours for the taking!

I love each and everyone one of you...
Thank you for being you!
Love and Light

ps I will not be visiting much these next few days
with trip preparation  in front of me
know I carry each of you in my heart


  1. I loved your words, the words of your friend and that song! wonderful post to resonate with me on this shaky day xoxo thank you

  2. oh the stories. i told so many false ones. now i'm living true. it's vulnerable, sometimes scary... always good.

  3. Your post today is SO inspiring...I love it.
    I reflected on my sacred name and had great breakthroughs, it's SO good.
    Thank you.

  4. Gorgeous gorgeous friend... I LOVE this video.. hadn't seen it in awhile... powerful!
    The names that we believe that are lies of who we really are.
    I have had many names that Papa has spoken over and over to me... He/She speaks and tells our true stories!
    I love you and am so excited for your trip... can't wait to hear and see all that happens.. xo


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