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Sunday, 11 March 2012

a challenge

well getting to this space is proving to be more of a challenge then <i thought
we do not have wifi in the complex that we are staying and <i do not want to use up my time at an internet with that said things will go pretty quiet here
i will have to fill you in on the adventrue when <i get back home : )
we have had two amazing days here so far...
we arrived here Friday night after spening the day at South Beach in Miami
we had a 10 hours stop ove there so we thought we would use our time wisely : )
yesterday we went up to the center and spent a day with the kids...we had 250 kids come for the meal this day so it was very very busywe walk through the hill seeing where most of our kids live
it is very surreal
they live in such poverty and yet they are the most joyful children and they take great price in their appearance and the tidyness of their homes
there were lots of familiar face which was so great
this trip is very different from my previous...a smaller group and <i am that much different as well
today we went to the sponsor church which supports the center from down here
church here is like going to a rave or a concert...<i LOVE it!
these people are NOT afraid to express themselves
myself and two other women from our group spoke which was a real honour...

it is now late and everyone is getting ready for bed, <i am the last one to use the computer at jorge`s brothers apartment....
tomorrow we begin our work week up at the center...<i will be doing hair in the morning and then apinting and updates profiles in the afternoons

something about being in this this place is so familiar to me
<i love the way people live in such community here
there is such a different mantality when you live a poor and simple life
it is something to be admired

this is goodbye then until <i return home
it is just too much of a challenge for me to come here right now
so until <i return
love and light to all you who come to this space
<i see you soon

LOVE AND LIGHT from Medellin Colombia


  1. What a beautiful post Cat xxx
    Looking forward to reading more when you are home
    Keep well
    Love the 'giving' you are doing
    Love and Light
    From one Cat to another

  2. Just from my own travels, I had a feeling that it was going to be a challenge for you to stay connected but I love what you sent us and we'll wait patiently until you get back to hear about the rest of your amazing journey...Love & light to you and to the precious people of Medellin.

  3. looking forward to hearing from you when you get home! :) hope all goes well.

  4. Adore you friend! Cannot wait to hear more... been thinking about you like crazy!!

    Will miss you, but be safe and full of love...muah!

  5. Cannot wait to hear more when you get back! Wishing you well.
    Catherine Denton

  6. I've been thinking about you. missing you like mad and very excited to hear about your adventures and experiences xo

  7. Missing you, my friend.. thinking of you so much.


  8. CANNOT wait to hear how impacting this trip is/has been - both on the people you visit and spend time with... and on yourself!


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