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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Traveling Companions....

I thought before going any further
i should introduce my traveling companions.
Every time a team goes down there is variation, 
and we do not always know each other
this can add to the adventure....
or can take away. lol

We were a small group this time...
we have been up to 32.
This time there was 11 of us.

that is me with my Moon Sister, Sofia
this was her first time down 
and she was over heard saying that she 
became in involved because she knew it was 
something that was important to me
what an awesome friend!
I have to say it was indeed so special to share with her
and often we found ourselves saying to one another
things like:
"We are in Colombia together!!!"
"We are drinking a beer in Colombia together!"
"We are drinking coffee together in Colombia!!"
"We are working together at the community center in Colombia"
it was very fun
On this trip Sofia rediscovered her passion for yogurt!

this is the very funny, candid and cute Candace
Candace enjoys being with water
she loves little spoons
and if she could have a pet it would be a chicken.
This was Candace's first time down tot he center
and she loved it...
I am sure it had nothing to do
with the attention 
her and her blonde hair and blue eyes 
received while walking the streets.

this is the beautiful Chelsea
this was her third time down
she has a real passion for this place
and our center
Chelsea wasn't feeling so good the first
part of the trip which took a toll
but she was a trooper and held her ground
she also enjoyed kicking "the boyz" butt in soccer!

 The Boyz
and the brothers
Jacob and Caleab
all first timers they found their place quickly
they were quite a hit amongst the girls of the center
it was really awesome to see them bonding with
the kids
and they worked pretty hard too.........
Jacob enjoyed showing us all his muscles

he insisted i post this picture lol

this is Karen and Julie
the mamas of the group
so to speak
though you would never have known that
by their late night giggling!
Karen is the secretary of Seeds of Love and Hope
and has been down to the center three times
this was Julie's first trip down.

the only men of our group were Jorge,
our president and founder of Seeds of Love
and Dwayne
father to Jacob and Caleb
When Jorge immigrated to Canada
he and his wife were determined to make a difference
for the impoverished children of their city...
and that is exactly what they are doing
and we get to be along for the ride.
And what can one say about Dwayne...
light hearted
easy going
very relational
no walls at all....
right Dwayne???
Dwayne especially loved the hugging and kissing
aspect of the Colombian culture...not so much.

So that was us
a funny little family
thrown together
living together
eating together
working together
spending every moment together..............
we did good 
all part of the experience
lots of laugh
a few "moments"
but no one got hurt
not badly anyways

I actually miss them all : )

Love and Light


  1. Great crew - love the special friendships too! And of course the muscles! Hahaha.

  2. Love meeting your family of love:)
    Glad your processing is leading you to both of your homes:)

  3. Thanks for introducing us xxx

  4. I loved seeing the faces of your other family. I don't know how I missed this one!! xo

  5. Such an incredible bond you make with people you work with side by side like that. How completely amazing!
    Loved seeing each face, and hearing a bit about each of them!


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