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Friday, 30 March 2012

A Fairy Tale Life...part two...When Darkness Falls

after a beautiful time away
the King and Queen returned to their Kingdom
of Main Land.
on the way they picked up the younger Prince
who had been visiting his grandparents
in the near by Kingdom
of Cowichan.
the young Prince was in good spirits
after spending some alone time
with his fathers family.
After a short visit
the 4 of them set their sights for home.
but when they arrived back in their kingdom
darkness had covered the land
they knew
"The Shadow"
had returned

before the King and Queen were married
10 years ago,
the King had thrown a party 
to introduce his new bride
and son
to the kingdom
it was there that the, then, young prince
played his music for the first time
and revealed to the world
his great gift

everyone who came
was enchanted by the prince's music
and fell in love with him immediately
it was a great day
especially for the new prince
as he had been so well received
and the adoration of the crowd
had given him great confidence.
as in every Fairy Tale
there was one who did not appreciate the new prince
as everyone else did
among the guests the day
was the kings first love
theirs had been 
a love that had at one time
been filled with the intensity 
of a long hot summer
but it had fizzled out 
 with the change of season
and for the King
this young love had been 
 easy to let go of
as she had not been his Soul Mate
but for the young girl
it had not been so easy
and as she grew into a woman 
her misery grew with her
and seeing the happiness
this boy gave not only the King
but also the people of the land
her misery turned to rage
and while the boy had been performing for the people
she stood up 
and in a loud voice she cursed the boy
saying that throughout his life
he would be followed 
by a Great Shadow
in which he would become lost
and eventually 
it would swallow him up
and take his life

after yelling out her curse
the woman fled the court
and was never to be seen again
the Kingdom had many a Wise Woman
and that very day
they came together
to counter the curse
as best they could

the prince would be followed by
The Shadow
The King and Queen's Love
 would be able to intervene
and protect him
but only until his 18th birthday day
at which time it would become his responsibility
to save himself from The Shadow
the Wise Women knew that in order for the Prince
to truly over come The Shadows
great power of despair
he would  have to face it himself
but they wanted to give him enough time
to grow and mature and learn
about The Great Love
that held all power of healing
With this Great Love around him 
and within him
he would be able to yield the power of the Shadow
and use it for good
with in himself
and for others.
So for years the King and Queen
combated the effects of The Shadow
and poured their love and knowledge into the prince
praying that when the day came
that he would fight this battle on his own
he would be equipped enough
to not loose himself 
to The Shadow's
power of despair

the journey was not always easy
and two times
The King and Queen almost lost him
but the Prince had been born with
and old wise soul
and his knowledge of Love and Balance
ran deep within
and when a new Prince
was born into the family
The Heavens blessed the two
with a great connection
of deep Love
the young prince
was like an antidote
for the older prince
and together they grew in the wisdom
of The Great Love
and learned to depend on one another
for their Heart Love
as time went by
the King and Queen forgot
about the full terms of the counter curse
they had forgotten about the change
when the older prince turned 18
they had even forgotten to tell him
but upon their return
and seeing the darkness
they remembered
and sadness, grief and worry
entered their hearts
immediately they went to seek
the prince out
and they found him
in the depth of The Shadow

they could feel him giving up
and their hearts broke
as they knew they could not release him
as they had done in the past
that only he could
do this now

their despair made him angry
and he rejected their love and concern
and disappeared into the darkness
they called his name into the night
and eventually
due to his own exhaustion
he followed their voices
but the relief of that was short
as he told them
he could no longer be there
that on the morrow he would leave
and he would never see them again...

The Shadow was taking his reason
and had clouded his Truth
that night
as the prince slept
all of his parents prayed
and lamented
for his safety and will
that he would find his Truth
a place of happiness
that he would remember
The Great Love
and grab a hold of it
to find his way out of his despair

all they could do was 
and look to the break of a new day
that possibly
would have new resolve
offer new opportunities
new answers....

to be continued...


  1. Oh Cat..... May your prayers be answered, may the light guide him safely to solace.


  2. I hope he finds the light and hangs onto it.
    Catherine Denton

  3. Chills and tears Cat...and prayers. That Shadow can be oh-so-hard to fight sometimes. But the Light won't let go and I pray the prince won't let go either.

  4. Oh my gosh Cat, loving this beautiful tale. May the prince find the LIght!

  5. Oh Cat xxx tears xxx
    I hope the Prince finds the light and can find his way through the darkness
    Much Much Love and Light


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