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Saturday, 31 March 2012

A Fairy Tale Life...part three...Even the Great Eagle struggles in the Wind

The Queen was distraught
her son was in darkness
and there seemed nothing she could do
but let him go
allow him to fight his fight
allow him to turn to himself
to find his way out
through his own Power of Love
she needed to find a way
to do this 

being a Woman of The Spirit
The Queen knew
that in order to access The Great Love
one had do go deep within oneself
to unlock the place
in which It lives
she knew this was her test
of Faith
she knew she had to get out of the Prince's way
that he could take his journey inward
so the very next day
 she did what all those of Faith do
she went to her Church
her Sacred Place of Worship

her Sacred Place was not a place made by mans hands
hers was a place made by The Spirit itself 
hers was a place of Life
a place she went to daily
for her time in Spirit was a daily practice
an hour to hour practice
moment to moment

with Puppy Prince at her side
 to her Sacred Place she went
she looked to the wind
she looked to sky
she looked to the mountain tops
and saw power and strength
she drew comfort from the birds 
the heron

the hawk

the creatures that don't question Spirit
but trust
she ran as she poured out her heart
all her worries
all her fears
she poured out her Mother Grief
and gave it to Love
and Divinity came
as it does to someone with Faith
no matter how beaten
how small
and Love began to transform 
her Mother Grief

The Queen looked up and saw one of her
 faithful companions
the Winds of Change were strong that morning
and The Queen watched as Eagle 
clung to his branch to stay in place
so strange was his posture 
that she had not recognized him at first
she then watched 
as he flew to that which he was stalking
his flight was slow and cumbersome
but his will was strong
and his mate needed food
she watched as he pushed through the wind
landed upon his morning nourishment
and then struggle against the Wind
as he made his way back to his nest
back to his mate

and it was then Spirit spoke
"Even the Great Eagle struggles in the Wind"
thought the Queen
even the Great Eagle struggles...
the best thing she could do for her Prince
was acknowledge her own truths
be true to her own emotions
take those emotions
and hand them over to Love
to transform
over and over
and over again
until Fear turned to Hope
Worry turned to Trust
and Faith could soar...
on the wings of the Great Eagle

she had to let go
let go so all her allies
all her angels
all the powers of Love
could do what They were meant to do
let go
let go
let go
and trust 
they whispered to her
as they held her mother heart gently
and the safety of Loves timeless Wisdom

back to the castle she went
with renewed Hope
renewed Trust
renewed Faith
the Powers of Heaven had poured into her
all that she needed
and in Great Love she walked out the rest 
of this journey
she took the Love that was given her
and in turn
poured it out to the Prince
she reminded him of his own Hope
she assured him of his own Trust
she guided him to his own Faith

her and the King let him know
that if he must go then that is what he must do
it was not what they wanted
as he did not belong to The Shadow
as he believed
but this was something he had to discover
for himself...
The Prince struggled and fought
as The Shadows grip loosened
when the older Prince told the young Prince
of his plan to leave
the younger Princes heart was broken
but with tears streaming down his face
he told the older Prince
that if that is what made him happy
then he would be happy too
the words were so pure and
The Queen watched as the young Princes
unconditional Love floated on those words
she watch the soft warm glow of Love
leave the young Princes heart 
and wrap itself around the older Princes being
The Shadow was no match for such Love
and its consumption of the Prince
was growing weak

The Prince could feel The Love
he could feel The Truth
his family had stepped back
allowing him to see them
and in turn 
allowing him to see himself
he knew who he was
he did not understand everything about himself
but he knew the man he wanted to be
he had known this from the moment The Queen
had brought him into this world
his life was his
this family was his
and he did not want to leave...

"I do not want to go,"
the Prince said
his raw heart exposed
and with those words
Shadow subsided
and was no longer in control

The Prince sunk down to the floor
exhaustion over took him
the battle had been short
but fierce
and had taken him into the depths of himself

he whispered to The Queen
"I know this has all happened for a reason...
I just know it"
The Queens heart soared
so proud of her Prince was she
such Wise Words he had spoken
a huge step had been made
and deep shift within
for the Prince
for them all

The Shadow does not leave completely
as it lives in all of us
what it longs for is for us to manage it
not for it to manage us
for it is filled with fear and unrest
it knows this
the Queen knew this too
and she had spoken to Shadow
while in her Sacred Place
 she had asked it to not take the Prince
 for if that were to happen
it would not serve anyone
including The Shadow
with the Prince taken
The Shadow would have no where to go
The Shadow needed to Prince to survive
to be safe
to be loved
even The Shadow is in need of Love
the Prince was safe
he had learned of his own strength
his own will
his own truth
he had learned about Love
the power it has
and that power is his
and ours 
for the taking

this chapter of the Fairy Tale
now comes to an end
my readers
I am sorry for any worry this bestowed upon you
though it took days to tell it
this all transpired within a 36 hour period
this is life
the beautiful rocky moments of life
but as you see
good reader
Love never waivers
even The Great Eagle struggles in the Wind

The End

Love and Light


  1. absolutely beautiful.
    I cried harder during each part. I JUST read this and my face is a mess. Beautiful Cat. Wise wise woman you are. How blessed we all are to be a part of your world and to be privy to your wisdom. I'm so glad the fairytale ended like this. Just beautiful all the way through and how your youngest son handled it??? WOW. I have no more words.. just wow. xoxoxooxoxoxox

  2. Incredible. Good words for good hearts. I am so glad it turned out and you had your sacred haven to turn.
    Yes, I have been in a struggle. Mostly with my body- my back is still not completely mobile and it's tough to feel old while young. I'm sure I'll learn more patience or something... Fortitude? Not gifts I particularly want at this time... I want to arise and live in my youth... Is that so bad? I don't know...
    Thanks for asking in your email. If we come out that way this summer we should meet... We shall see;) still figuring where we will renew our vows;)

  3. So beautiful and encouraging. I loved the pace of the story telling, thanks so much (again) lovely Cat

  4. Thank you Cat for sharing ;'( I read this last chapter holding my breath reading each line hoping praying too scared to breathe in fear, and exhaled a deep sigh of relief - I'm glad the older Prince has such a loving family to guide his way -
    Love and Light

  5. Thankyou so much for sharing this Cat. I have shed tears reading your journey, and yet strangely I feel good about that.

    It takes only the tiniest amount of light to pierce through darkness. Thankyou for reminding me of that.


  6. Love. Wow. Thank you for this story, the openness with which you shared, and the telling of it was beautiful beyond any singing of it xxx

  7. It is when we let go that people can find their way. Trust in the journey within. It is only scary in the physical sense. Beautifully put!

  8. "Even the Great Eagle struggles in the wind." These words will be echoing in my mind for some time. Thank you.
    Catherine Denton

  9. O my goodness... Cat! I have been out of the loop and catching up.
    Woow. intense times these are. Please call me or write if you ever need to talk or vent or hash...but I get that these times are really times we hunker down, and pull our chicks in close, and take lots of time to be silent for wisdom to speak.
    My goodness. I am loving you and thinking of you and praying.


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