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Thursday, 29 March 2012

A Fairy Tale Life...part one...Love and Light

When I thought about starting this post
it was going to begin with the words....
"Life is not a Fairy Tale"
but the more I pondered on that
the more I realize 
in fact
that life is like a Fairy Tale
every Fairy tale comes with 
Joy and Drama
Conflict and Victory
Darkness and Struggle
Love and Light
sounds like

this fairy tale begins here

the Sacred Place
at The Edge of the World...

the king and queen of the Main-land 
were taking a pilgrimage to the
Sacred Place called Tofino.
they were going there to celebrate their 
10 year marriage union

the Sacred Place was not only dear to them
because they had Honeymooned there
but also because
this place on the edge of the world
had proven to be a rejuvenating
spiritually refreshing place
that they both enjoyed tremendously

the queen
-pictured here-

was over joyed 
to be spending this time with her king,
in their special place
as she has been on a challenging journey
and was in much need of reconnection
and spiritual replenishment
their pilgrimage took them 
over land and sea

they traveled through snow cap mountains
rivers and lakes
to get
to their beloved

and finally
over the crest they came
to the edge of the world
and there she was
Mama Ocean
waiting to greet and welcome them
the sky was blue
the sun shone bright
and the eagles soared above
announcing the arrival of the King and Queen
and all rejoiced
but none were more glad
than the
the Royal Puppy Prince!
the King and Queen breathed in the ocean air
it was fresh to taste 
and filled their lungs with pleasure
and as they walked through the drift wood
and onto the beach
they embraced
for this very day
marked the day
10 years before
when they had made their official union

theirs what not a typical story
for it held it's own magic
nothing about them made sense
and yet
to those who really knew them
everything about them made sense
even the Queens having a child
before meeting the King
did not quench his love for her
or her son
so much did he love them
that over time he and his stepsons dad
became friends
as did the Queen
and her sons step mom
in the real sense

theirs was a love for the ages
a love that was birthed in the soul
and so they both felt compelled
to renew those vows 
that they made
10 years ago
here in this
Sacred of places
at the Edge of the Earth

So they climbed upon a small cliff side
over looking this place they loved
and there they spoke of all that was good
all that was challenging
and all that remained to be seen
in their union
they re-pledged themselves
to each other
and re-commited
to their union
and Peace, Love and Contentment
were upon them

They sat together 
in that place
for a while
souls connecting
hearts dancing
and celebrating
each other 
and what they had together
with much gratitude

the Queens heart was filled with  Joy
because she knew True Love
and it showed
down to the ocean side they went
where the queen made offerings of gratitude
to Mamma Ocean

shells gathered on her journey afar
and a precious gem
from her wedding day
along with the flowers she carried on this day
they threw their Love and Gratitude
into the Ocean
so it could be carried 
and rocked with the tides
till the end of time

together with the Puppy Prince
they played at the Oceans Edge
content to be in each others presence

no beautiful a day
had there
ever been...
that night
as they watched the sun set on the horizon
both felt another 10 years had passed in that one day
bringing them closer than ever

the days to follow were filled with more of the same
walking on the beach
under the bright blue sky
enjoying the eagles
the waves
the sand
and most of all
each other

even some time was spent at the carving shed

a great place of old world inspiration 
for them both

by the morning it came time for them to depart
they were both full
and though their time had been short
it had been full
Love and Light
shone all around them
as they left
this Sacred Place
The Edge of The World
and made
their way back home
never could they have know
the darkness that awaited them there

to be continued...


  1. Oh so beautiful Cat - loved the story, a slice of your journey and the photos are simply magical! Happy anniversary to you both. xoxo

  2. what a beautiful fairytale. I love fairytales because of the everything in them. How blessed are you and particularly your son that mothers/stepmothers/fathers/stepfathers are part of one family. That should ALWAYS happen. It's beautiful!! Oh I bawled through reading this but that's no surprise ;) xoxoxo

  3. We are going on ten years this July too;)
    Happy wonders to you
    But I am concerned about the end. Are your sons ok?
    Glad you had respite and rejuvenation. I always dreamed for our ten year we would get away but unless we sell before then...
    Cest la vie;)

  4. Beautiful love story and such gorgeous photography. You know how to capture each moment. I fear for the darkness and hope the best for you.
    Catherine Denton

  5. wow, what a beautiful story of love and acceptance and adventure!
    unlike many fairytales, i like that this one had a nice stepmother. LOL

    beautiful Cat. inspiring.


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