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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

First Walk...

this was my morning view out of my bedroom window
we stayed in Jorge's mom's apartment in the inner city
(she left to go visit her daughter in another city)

it is a gated complex
which gave us a little more freedom
to walk around and hang out
across the way was Jorge's brother and sister in law
yelling to one another
from our balconies
across the courtyard
was fully acceptable
I liked that
all sorts of noises in this city
most very typical to ours
like the sky train that ran behind the complex
and woke me every morning at 4:30am
the one thing that I could not get over
was the rooster that crowed along with it!

first day at the center
and first walk up the hill side

journal except:
I open myself to Mama 
so she can use me 
as she sees fit.
I feel grateful -beyond grateful- to be here.
This is a great opportunity
I have no expectations
being here is enough.
What ever comes 
I flow
Thank you Father for this opportunity
Thank you Mother for these gifts
I am blessed beyond belief
These things I hold
in my heart.

The the homes are crude
and rough
and yet
they house the real beauty of this hill...

Love and Light

"If you are experiencing grief you have indeed been blessed"
~my Sister of Light with Love Shirley


  1. Blessings as you peel back, speak your trip layer by layer, and shed your experience. These post bring honor to those you served and to yourself.

    love to you.

  2. Cat,I love this so much. This sharing. These pictures. The rooster!! the sweet children and the dog. Thank you so much for all of this. what a juxtaposition between how we live here and how they live there..very eye ( and heart) opening xo

  3. Welcome back Cat! Amazing to see the photos from your trip!

  4. i've missed where you were exactly.
    the homes remind me of my time in Rio. so harsh, yet always, always, the smiling faces of children.

  5. every, EVERY picture tells a story.

  6. Oh my goodness... I can't stop looking at the faces... the beautiful faces.
    thankyou for sharing your walk about in Columbia with us.
    It's amazing the poverty, and yet the joy and beauty of the faces that inhabit those little shacks shine so bright. Wow wow wow.


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