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Thursday, 8 March 2012

The Plan...

Its late...

hair accessories for the girls

I should be in bed
but instead I sit here with a bloated butterfly filled tummy
while drinking an over size heineken
which I am sure is not helping matters
wondering what I am to do with this suitcase
beside me that is 20 lbs over weight

gifts for the kitchen cooks

It is not what you think
I am not a take-the-kitchen-sink-kinda-girl
this suitcase holds goodness
for those we are going to see

gifts for my kids

but toiletries end up weighing ALOT!

I've made up 60 bags
30 for the boys 
30 for the girls
I give these bags of goodness to those whose hair I do
the boys get a hot wheel
the girls a lip balm or a pretty pink bubble blower
along with the luxuries of life
a tooth brush
(those are a luxury...usually one per family!)
a sucker
mmmm a little contradictory along with the tooth brush and paste...oh well
body lotion

I think I am ready
my emotions are a bit all over the place
to be honest
I'll miss my boys...
all of them
including my Puppy Prince
he knows something is up
has been following me around like a
like a puppy dog
head slightly down
eyes raised
"whatcha doen' mom?"
My oldest helped pack the bags
with a little coaxing
of course
it kinda went like this
"You're helping me."
keeping it real here!
But he gets it
in his own teenager kinda way.
I will miss him
and his 18 year old drama...
remember high school???
I think it is worse now
with text and tweets
there is no reprieve from the drama of it all
there are days when that is his name
with a capital D thank you very much
and he is a boy!!!
ouch for those parents who have girls...
but I digress...
I will miss his beautiful face
Everything is packed but my own clothes
gonna go for a run with the puppy
walk my youngest to school
and then pack my personals
keeping it simple
will definitely take a quick trip to the store
for some extra undergarments
no laundry for 10 days
MUST have extra knickers!!!
The youngest called me into his room tonight
"please cuddle with me mama"
can I sleep here instead of packing?
"I'm gonna miss you mama"
"I'm gonna miss you too baby."
"Next time you go I want to come with you."
" Okay, baby, that will be perfect!"
kiss kiss
hug hug
Gonna miss him like mad...
The Husband
the husband is a good man
supporting me in my unorthodox ways
him so conservative
me so not
it is a good mix
I thank him for his support
it started a little rough
but he always comes through
I am blessed to have him
The Plan
the plan is I will post every evening
an image
a few words
with hopes to inspire
and hear from home : )
the images and storied are not meant to depress
but to inspire
inspire gratitude
inspire change
inspire stepping out
inspire reaching out
we all can make a change
a smile
holding a door open
buying a meal for the person begging for change
giving a blanket to someone who is cold
making a phone call
writing a letter
making a meal
giving an donation
leaving a kind word
sending a beautiful cross pendant in the mail...
there are many many things we can do
for others
this just happens to be the one that came to me
for whatever reason
and I am blessed to be able to answer the call.

I hope you will join me here
take this journey with me
leave me a comment now and again
let me know you are here...

But for now I must rest
morning will come soon
18 more hours and I will be on a plane
starting my 27 hour journey
yes you read that correctly...27 hours!

I could ramble on and on
but I think I have already said enough
sleep has come to take me...

Love and Light


  1. I hope you know I bawled through this whole post!! real, honest, moment by moment of your life and wow, the things you are doing! love all of this, I felt all of this. I'm so happy for you and for those children you bless, your birthbabies and the babies of your heart. Amazing. When you packed " tissue" I wanted to say can you hand one over because I was seriously affected by this post! You had me at the Heineken, I knew after that there would be some rocking emotion ;) so happy for you and excited!!! I hope there will be lots and lots of pictures. xoxoxo

  2. Right here with you sister, as you take this journey. I don't always comment, because I do my blog-reading while I sit breastfeeding my lil man, and I'm not good at typing one-handed. But I do always check your posts, pray for you, and send love your way.


  3. Go on your amazing journey my sweet messenger and radiate your love and light in all your interactions.
    My love is with you always and I wish you un voyage extraordinaire....

  4. i think i missed something...where are you going? looks like you're going on a majorly epic and amazing trip...but i guess i missed the post where you talked about it? (sorry...having such a hard time keeping up with things these days. :/) i guess i'll figure out when you post your brief updates and stuff. :) oh, and that what you guys call panties? you have a lot of words that make me chuckle! hehe. anyway, safe travels, my dear.

  5. I love you friend... so absolutly elated for your trip! Can't wait for your posts. I love you. Prayers and thoughts to you and all you are going to be loving on and connecting with.

  6. As your journey unfolds, don't be frightened of your own unraveling - we must break open and leave things behind {even that which we love} to bring in the new.
    Blessings, peace, and eyes to see!
    xo Janae

  7. WOW 27 hours .. .. .. where are you heading? Did I too miss something?
    Looking forward to your posts
    And I cried over your description of your boys - not sure I could leave my babies behind - not yet - xxx

  8. I've been off line for a few days, but still here catching up..thinking of ya and look forward to some wonderful photography!

  9. i'm so excited for you and i don't even know what's going on!!!! lol

    you didn't provide a link to the back-story. ah well, whatever it is it sounds grand.

    wishing you strength, and happiness, and much calm.

  10. Hey friend, your gifts are as lovely as your words. It makes me happy to think of you and Sofia together, working with the children there. I had a dream about you last night. I won't get into the details, but your were very excited as you entered a time of preparation. I am looking forward to getting your Columbian posts! Take care friend.

  11. Loved this, just every bit a window to Your World here.
    Your gifts are such Blessings carried far.
    Inspire indeed and the bin of cars is so very familiar to me with my Wee Ones.
    I am weighing suitcases also in preparation so related to this post. Though Yours have so much awesome packed tight inside. Yes,yes.
    Love to You & Yours.


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