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Thursday, 22 March 2012

When Love comes....

...the hearts soars
it was just what I needed...
Maybe it was travel blues
lack of sleep
lingering emotions
whatever it was 
yesterday was shrouded 
in a thin layer of grey
Even the thought of posting about my trip
weighed heavy on my being
So the boys and I headed off to the forest

One of my places of Spiritual Connection

I figured it would do my heart good
being there
with them
it did
Little did I know
there was more 
waiting for me when I arrived home.
A gift
from afar

A small token of love, affection, and affirmation
a heart
soft& delicate 
made by hands with love
just what I needed

thank you
sweet friend
especially loved the post card ; )
from one Cat to another
Love and Light

*never underestimate
what a kind gesture can do for another person*

Love and Light my Lovelies


  1. I'm so glad you got what you needed most. I'm a forest girl myself. There's not much that nature can't put to right. xoxo

  2. The postcard is beautiful xxx I needed to send it HOME xxx
    The heart is my love to you xxx Glad it arrived when needed
    From one Cat to another
    Love and Light
    C xx

    1. indeed
      from one Cat to another!
      love and light friend

  3. a walk, nature, and a heart. perfect.


  4. So so thoughtful! And I am so glad that you were able to get away into nature to refuel...tho you will probably need a few of those types of trips. Love you.


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