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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

What I really really want....

I have been prompted to ponder this question 
by Rain here
then again by Monica here

my answer?

To be heard...

My husband gave me great perspective in this
when I spoke to him about it
he said,
"Even Martin Luther King wasn't heard all the time Cat.
Whether you are being heard or not
you should speak your Truth"

in walks:
"perspective shift"

he is very wise at times
i really really like him 

Rain writes a beautiful follow up to this prompt
found here

What is it that you really really want?

Love and Light


  1. Your husband is very wise indeed! I'm just about to write a blog post on this as well. Points to ponder that's for sure.. With your wisdom and your love, I have no doubt you will be ( and are) heard more often than not. You shine. Absolutely shine and your words uplift and are real and are brave and vulnerable all at the same time and yes, we all need to feel heard. That's for sure.

  2. beautiful thoughts, dear friend.
    keep sharing and the ones who need to hear
    will hear.
    you are so brave.

  3. I'm so thrilled to be here, listening to your words and soaking it all in. I hear you. Clarity and Peace were the things that came to mind when I asked myself this question. To rest in the journey and soak up the silence in the midst of all others attempting to scream their own answers to my questions. It's ok to not have answers right?

    1. it is absolutely ok. answers come when they are ready, not before.

  4. What a profound question to ask ourselves, I love how you stir us up Cat, it's so beautiful. My immediate answer to the question is TO BE SEEN...I have felt invisible for SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO long and now, I finally have enough courage to step out and be seen....scary to do at times but always worth it.

  5. oh boy, that's a GREAT point. lol

    but, MLK WAS heard plenty. i think our desire to be heard is to be heard at least a lot of the time by some of the people. ;)

    one thing that has helped me is that i've found that expressing myself is first. getting it out is even more important than being heard.

  6. Oh GOODNESS Cat! I just said this exact same thing and was lamenting over the fact no one listens. It seems...ever. My heart, my
    How true. Thank you. I need to hang on to this.
    So glad I came by today...and I would give anything to walk those trails.

  7. Gorgeous photos Cat - you really are so talented. Love what you want and love what your hubby said too. It's a thought I need to hear too. I really, really want to be an encouragement and an inspiration and I want to hear God's voice more and more and be transformed

  8. I want to live inside that photo. Yes, yes on speaking your truth!

  9. What I really really wanted was to be brave to overcome my fear - and I did it Cat - I really really did it !! !!
    I put myself in a position of complete vulnerability, I was so scared, but I pushed past my fear and for a brieft moment I trusted and I felt safe xxx I cried xxx


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