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Monday, 11 August 2014


Where to begin?

You are never my favorite month
only because you bring with you
the hot emotions of summer
and even warmer nights
You bring with you the season when we
 shuttle down to the basement
looking for relief
from your scorching ways
hiding away from your "pressing in". 
My Irish/English blood does not do so well
never has.
But I have learned to sink into your heat
into your refinement...
into the way you bring things to the surface
things that need to be burnt away
You teach me to take one day at a time
moving slowly in mindfulness
Keeping my cool
as not to ignite the furnace

And the truth is
I have to be fair
 even as I feel I am in  the fiery furnace
You offer refuge in those I love.

Much time this month
was spent with some very
cool cats
People I really really like
People I really really love
It helped
ease the heat
it help take my mind off the discomfort

And like a flower
I felt myself blossom
despite it all...
or is it
because of it all?

I acknowledge and pulled out the weeds
around me
leaving those that needed to be left
those that needed to come into full bloom
and dug deep 
to remove those that needed to be gone
And through that process
realized the beauty of my own heart garden
weeds or not
there was far more 
then there was not.

Oh, those hot emotions of summer  
mixed with the cool tenderness of Love and Communion.

No you are not my favorite
but I am grateful all the same
for the Challenges
and the Gifts that you brought to me
and my journey


Love and Light


  1. I love your words, they are healing to my spirit, so glad we meet here no matter the month, I love your love and light....x

  2. such sweet poetry written for a month that is "never" your favourite month.
    but you presented july with such captivating images....
    so now i sorta' like july. [~ wink]


  3. thank you sister-friends
    your presence here is a gift to my heart

    love and light

  4. So glad you're giving yourself kindness and space, and gratitude for the opportunity that the challenges bring...difficult though they may be.

  5. Love this very much, and you.


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